Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Music is Eternal

In the music world, what is super popular comes and goes.  Do you remember any peculiar one-hit wonder?  Do you remember a group that came out strong, with a string of weak hits, and then disappeared?

Music has those in weak lines of music, and music has the eternal, immortal music that reverberates with every generation.

Beethoven’s 5thHandel’s Messiah?

How about Les Miserable?

The above is "Bring him home" from a concert presentation. Not everyone has seen this performance, sung by Colm Wilkinson, the original Jean ValJean. The four tenors below have also held the role of Jean ValJean.   

Will this join the legendary music of the past?  I sure hope so. How can it not?

 I hope you can access this site: 17 Tenors from around the world


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