Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wednesday: Significant Victory

This week's Wednesday Words have been supplied by The most...of every moment... of every day..

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Today's words come from Susan, whose name I share.  Phew!

Understand Dyslexia Step 4
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After Lisa helped Linda fill out the application, both were soaked with sweat. 

With many rehearsals writing her name and answering basic questions regarding this business, Idaho’s Best Potato!, Linda felt this interview would go well, just might go well.

Linda had had so many horrible experiences.  Although she was intelligent and vocal, letters swam before her, making it impossible to read, let alone write.

This interview was significant.  Past failures had narrowed her horizons to the point that no light could shine through. This has to…has to...

Her entrance into the reception area was anything but confident, but she smiled at the mature woman behind the desk.  Then she looked at the sign in.  

Taking a deep breath, Linda wrote slowly and carefully, just as she and Lisa had rehearsed.  Loop…point up…dot…

The mature woman stood and shook Linda’s hand, “Wonderful! You have the job!”

Tears ran down Linda’s cheeks as the woman handed her tissues.  She whispered in Linda’s ear.  “The letters dance in front of me, too.”


  1. Dyslexia is hard. But I thought that if she let the employers know she has it they would be more understanding. But what do I know?

    1. I wrote this with the belief that this revelation would happen soon, but as her job did not involve any reading or writing, it would not be important. This job, at a potato business, may not require such. Maybe leadership and the ability to work with people are the key.

  2. Replies
    1. I wanted something good to happen in Linda's life.

  3. A lovely, lovely story. Which I wish would happen more often.
    Words for Wednesday will continue at my blog next month, with prompts given to me by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue, and then think will be totally handed back to Delores, its mama.

  4. that has to be hard to deal with indeed. Helps when you have someone who knows

    1. Placing a person in administrative role with dyslexia (lots of interventions), is recognizing skills and intelligence level.

  5. There's a story full of hope....great job.

    1. So very many students are not diagnosed as dyslexic. Along with Autism, dyslexia is often labeled as being low intelligence.


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