Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wednesday Words: Storms

Windy Winter HD wallpaper
Boreal wind swept across the frozen lake as the icy tempest withdrew.
Watching a crescent moon rising behind the rocky shore, Sven breathed raggedly.  “Well, that was a hell of a thing…”  

His husky, Morgan, growled in agreement. So much for summer.

Every Wednesday, Delores from Under the Porch Light provides Wednesday Word participants with six interesting words.  Then we all set our brains afire, trying to work around this challenge.  The words are bold and underlined above.  Click on the lonely train tracks above to access her site!


  1. At least the husky is prepared for winter.

  2. Wait...wait....we've hardly had any summer yet. Nooooooo.

    1. I wrote this specifically for you, after your last year's never ending winter.

  3. I'd pack up and move some place warm if I saw that

  4. It seems I am in the minority. That image made me yearn to be there. Crisp, clear, elegant monochromatic beauty - twinned with your evocative words.


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