Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday Words: Man with a MIssion

The slamming cargo jolted Jim Phelps awake.  In moments, darkness enveloped him.

Damn! This is so classic.  That Mission: Impossible (also known as IMF) Force have screwed me over for the last time!  Apparently the IMF had always had no patience with the slightest infractions.  He refused to remember the shady deals he had made over the years FOR the IMF. 

He caught the rays of light cutting through a rusted metal hole from the corner at the top.  Opening a crate of Speedos , Jim formed a chain of the colorful swimwear and retrieved his “Grappling hook in minutes!” from his secret spy tool belt. Having won First Prize in Grappling Hook Throw at the annual "IMF Olympics", Jim was up and over like a flash.

Later, Jim Phelps perused the sea of cargo crates until he at last spotted his ever-faithful blue convertible with white leather interior.’

As he revved up the powerful engine, his white-blond hair gleamed in the sunlight. 

Tomorrow let’s just see if the CIA has any job openings...

He drove off into the sunset, a man on a mission…a mission only he and his team could appreciate.

Note: Mission Impossible was a risk for Desilu Productions.  It paid off.

Delores at Under the Porchlight has again stymied us all with her six word choices.  SPEEDO?!!  ooooo...  Please check her site out, easily by clicking on the vanishing train tracks.  There you will discover other writers and what they did with SPEEDO.  Delores has also provided a list of rhyming words, which I avoided.  Delores is one talented lady.


  1. What a unique take Susan - referencing a classic TV show!! I used to watch the old reruns when I was a little boy. And I love the movies as well.

  2. Bet the CIA may let him join. It was sure a risk that paid off, especially with the kickbacks from the movies.

  3. Oooh. I do love your take on the challenge. This week and every week. You too are one talented lady.

  4. I can't get past the chain of speedos....great story.

  5. I used to love that show....great job with the words this week.


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