Friday, August 22, 2014

The Medicinal Value of Chocolate

It has been proven through much research that chocolate brownies are the anti-dote to just about any illness, physical or otherwise.  The chocolate has riboflavin which boost the system and generally makes the sick person feel better.

While this most likely be disputed, my daughters and I have tested this out many many times and found it to be true.

One time my oldest daughter (then mid-20s) came by to visit.  We both had miserable colds.  Sick as dogs, as my mother would say. 

We put on Chocol╬Čt, opened a bottle of Champagne/bubbling wine.  Then we baked a large pan of deep chocolate brownies.  While we watched the movie, we drank wine and ate the brownies (not even bothering for them to cool) straight from the pan.

We laughed, we cried, blew noses, and coughed.  We talked about past painful events, apologized, laughed, hugged each other, and fell asleep on the couch.

Chocolate Brownies
When we awoke, we felt much better.

Brownies always work.

Note: Not everyone can eat brownies for a variety of dietary restrictions.  I hope this post does not offend, and I hope that everyone has a "feel-good" food to eat when sick.


  1. Feel good food is different for everyone...I think I'll stick with chicken soup lol.

  2. Chocolate cures a multitude of ills. In fact, I think the key to world peace lies somewhere in chocolate :)

  3. Chocolate, daughters, good movie and, oh yes, champagne make all bad things go away.

  4. lol chocolate will send me to the loo, I think I'll stick with not getting sick.

  5. It sounds like the perfect antidote to a miserable cold. Some of the best things in life are chocolate - and I have a big weakness for bubbly as well.

  6. Brownies? Definitely.
    The movie? meh. I saw it once and wondered why I bothered.
    Even the book wasn't good enough for me to read twice.

  7. When I get a cold, nothing tastes right except beer. Is that a guy thing? Have I chosen my gender unwisely?


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