Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sock Drawer: Strangers in a Strange Land

After the tick-tick blue round was heaved out the drawer, the Sock Drawer resumed it general pace and rhythm.  Socks left, were worn, sent to the dreaded Laundry Land, and hopefully returned. 

Gossip was still the primary form of entertainment.  The tick-tick had provided a brief break bringing Socks to near unraveling point.  Now, Sock residents resumed chattering of lint, static, and thread snapping.

But what about the Strangers?  The unique and curious objects that had been swept off the Land of Dresser Top, and landed in the Sock Drawer?  Gossip and speculation was the big topic among the resident socks.

The shabby-chic striped nylon/spandex (who managed to stay, despite an obvious hole in the cuff) was the most vitriolic about them.  She shook the hole at the Strangers, bitching in her peculiar way…And look!  Look at the shoddy bright green…thing!..

The other sassy socks of poly/nylon/spandex genre joined with Shabby Sock.  The atmosphere was rife with lint and crackling.  A riot was building, and in a land of static could set off a storm of electric charge. 
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Then Wise Argyle stepped in and stopped them with the boldness of his diamond woven in brown/blue/tan woolen and spandex.  He remembered the Electric Charge Storm from the last riot, the one when the new Christmas socks arrived.  Oh, no. 

But what about the Strangers??  Where were they and what were they doing while the riot wound down?

The Great Sweep
Strangers had made their way to the back corner where Flashlight reclined.

What can we do? They asked him. We can’t understand them, the crackling and snapping?  They complained. How will we ever find our way in this strange land?

Wise and bright Flashlight cleared his batteries a little.  Oh, little ones.  You cannot understand the way of the Sock.  Theirs is a life fraught with danger.  Each one may leave and not return.

WELL.  That rattled them, it rolled them.  What shall we do, Old Wise Flashlight?

He felt their pain and fright.  You must journey through the Socks to the Front of the Sock Drawer.  It is the only way you will be rescued.

They accepted his wise advice.  But, will you show us the way?

Flashlight sadly blinked.  No, my place is here with the Socks.  I must light their way in the darkness.

The Dresser Top objects turned and began their trek. 

Flashlight knew his time would end soon, and then he too would make the trek.

P.S.  Here is the first post done about the Land of the Sock Drawer:


  1. I can relate so well to those in the drawer. I, also, talk of lint and static. I have my prejudices and will never hang out with spandex. As for the flashlight, sometimes my light may dim, but I made sure I have a battery back-up.

    Love your socks posts, Susan.

    1. Poor flashlight. He has been in the drawer for many rotations, and sometime his light will be gone!

  2. Flashlight may help them keep the pairs together

  3. Replies
    1. Previous Saga of the Sock Drawer Posts may enlighten

  4. Nothing worse than a stranger in the sock drawer.

  5. I just realized the some readers are not familiar with the Sock Drawer Drama. I will put of a few sites to give an idea of the Land of the Sock drawer.

  6. I'm waiting to see how chaos will be managed when the light is gone.

    1. The Sock Drawer will find a way, I am sure.

    2. As long as no one lights a match lol.

    3. Oooh, now that would be one dramatic ending--one that I won't pursue.

  7. Oh dear. Sock drawer here has some antiques lurking at the back. Socks from when himself was at school. Still with a name tag carefully stitched inside. And waaaay too small for his feet. They aren't going anywhere though. The strangers couldn't have got past the middle.
    I love this series - and am looking forward to the next.

    1. Still has ones from school days? Oh that is too precious! Glad you enjoy the Land of Sock Drawer.

  8. Your socks are lead such interesting lives! I love that image of Christmas socks. My own socks are very dull, no partying going on in that drawer at all.

  9. I'm sorry that the sock drawer is staging a revolt! I love these clever yarns, and can't wait for the next installment! I'm rooting for "Shabby-Chic Sock" to dominate the drawer!



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