Monday, August 13, 2012

PhotoPrompt: 38.4

Marker 38.4 along the Aure River, Bremgarten bie Bern, Switzerland

A larger view

The Aure River winds around and through the city of Bern, Switzerland.  Branches of the river provide well-used paths.  Along one path was this marker.  It was about 18 inches tall and covered with golden lichens.

This is the photo challenge for today.  What story can you weave about this marker?  What is its purpose?  Who put it there? 

Sometime this week, write a flash fiction, a poem or prose, an explanation for this marker—whatever.  Please link your writing to this blog so viewers can access the other PhotoPrompt participants listed on the right bar, under the rabbit.

(I inadvertently left off Delores’ blogsite when I re-vamped my design!  Sorry!  It should be back there today!)


  1. It would certainly be a sad story...

  2. Great prompt.....wheels are spinning already.

  3. It reminds me of all the markers at Barkerville in central BC. The site is full of young men, too young, who died trying to make it rich.

    Hi Susan. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm also a cat lover!

  4. Ohh I want to do this! I have so much work for university :( One day I will be free and I'll be able to do things like this :D That place looks mystical, it could be a fantasy story. Sad stories are too sad for me, I bet there's something hidden deep under that stone!

  5. To all: Doesn't this have such possibilities?!!

  6. Heaps of possibilities. Going away now, thinking, thinking, thinking.


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