Monday, July 9, 2012

PhotoPrompt: The Baby

The party’s over…Benjamin has been the ‘hit’ of the gathering.  So, now this is your Monday PhotoPrompt! 

What is going on here?  All those people admiring the wee little man—what could they be saying?

Sometime this week, write something—poetry, prose, flash fiction—using this photo.  Please check the blog sites in the right side-bar for other photos. 

Here is my bit for this week:

I came, I cooed.  I ate, I drank.  I pee-ed, I poo-ed.  Mummy put this party hat on me.  And, now leave me alone, as I go to sleep.
                                                                             Benjamin Thomas
My two-week old grandson Benjamin


  1. He's definitely fulfilled his part of the agreement...looking adorable.

  2. LOL I think that sums up the day well, all the bodily functions

    1. Babies this age have a limited range of abilities. I tried to list them all. Soon, I hope, he will make eye contact and smile a bit!

  3. What a darling boy! Too cute with the hat. Babies grow fast; it will be a blink of an eye and he'll be running around!

  4. Congrats on your adorable grandson! Sounds like he had a more productive day than
    I did! Julie


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