Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PhotoPrompt: The walk way

Many thanks to Delores at myfeatherednest

The walk-way was long and narrow, but blessedly even.  Darren had waited until nearly dark, avoiding any who might observe him tonight. 

Tonight, I had to do it tonight.  Darren grumbled, dragging the heavy bag along the walk way.  He had not figured on this bag being so heavy.  Otherwise, he would have made more cuts, and had two smaller bags.

Darren was a slow, methodical man.  But such a man finds time constraints stressful.  He pulled harder on the bag, going a little faster.

Finally he arrived at the garbage bin and realized that the bag was almost too heavy for him to lift.  Girding his loins, Darren heaved the bag up and over his shoulders.  Clump.  The bag fell with a satisfying sound; it meant the bag didn’t fly open.

His neighbor, Lloyd came out with his heavy bag.  Clump.  They nodded at each other.

“Ain’t too much left of the ol’ girl, is there?”  Lloyd nodded at the bin.

“Nope.  Next week will do ‘er.”  Darren shut the bin tight.  “See you soon at the pub, then…” 

Both men retreated into their very silent, very dark houses.


  1. Glad I didn't read this before bedtime A very chilling story! Julie

  2. Wow...that left a lot to the imagination....a wife, a car, what?????

  3. Chopping up a body in the backyard and throwing it in the trash, how mean.

  4. I hope that soon we learn who or what is being tossed in the trash! My thought was a tree . . . cheap guys don't want to pay extra so they're filling up the garbage cans. Woe to the poor trash collector who has to lift it!!


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