Friday, July 6, 2012

Candle Dark by Carole Anne Carr

“6-9 July 2012” is the way the date is written in Europe.  Why we Americans switched it, I have no idea.  But the dates above are exciting, and I do have ideas why on that one.

A new book is being released today:  Candle Dark by Carole Anne Carr, who is from the UK.  As a way to promote her new book, she is having a free promotion give-away.  Link for purchase :

But, what is this book about?
Candle Dark
Book One - Ironbridge Gorge Series
     Joshua was nearly eleven and he worked down the Blists Hill coal pit in the Ironbridge Gorge and he hated it down there. He hated working in the dark, he hated the rats and the stink of the tunnels, and he especially hated it when the mine flooded and his boots got soaked and rubbed his feet raw.
    Then the day that Mr. Bradley the horse keeper gave him another beating so bad he ached and ached all over, he made up his mind to run away and find work on the Severn Trows.
But what would happen to poor Drummer, left behind in the dark? What would happen to his mother, left to the mercy of the evil Isaac Whitlock? And how could he sail to Bristol when his father had been sent to work in the most dangerous part of the mine?
       Afraid of the river gangs, and sick with worry about his dad, Joshua must decide whether to run for his life, or to stay in Coalport and protect his family despite the terrible danger.  
(The sequel - River Dark - to be published in September 2012)

Such a life, an existence is unimaginable now in our quiet 2012.  At this time in history, it was all too real.  My heart wants to know what will happen to Joshua.  So I will go to the link listed above to get my answer!


  1. Your generosity is amazing, Susan. 'Thank you' is so inadequate. Carole.

    1. I have been enjoying this book! I read until almost midnight, and am looking forward to seeing what Joshua does to get away.

  2. Did it...thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Oh wow, I'm delighted you have brought further awareness of my dear friend Carole's, book. She is a wonderful children's writer and I have the great pleasure of having her book "First Wolf". A delightful read and was very much enjoyed by the twelve year old half-brother of my son, Tristan.
    And yes, the dates are reversed over here. When I first moved here, someone wrote down my date of birth in the European way. For a moment there I thought I was two months older :) And thus, to avoid confusion, my son was born on October 10th :)
    I'm now going to put up your posting to the various social networks. Excellent stuff! Have a peaceful, positive weekend.

  4. I'm so excited for you, Carole. Thanks, Susan, for helping Carole share her wonderful books.

    1. Thanks for writing! I just checked out your site, and bought a book. Got hooked by page 13.

  5. i think i read about this book the other day--it sounds really sad but good!

    1. Sad, yes, in the way that the times were brutal for the poor and their children. But, there is also a triumph in the way the boy faces down the evils that surround him.


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