Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Samuel and Christmas Eve

The Mommy gave a green crayon and some paper to Samuel after strapping him into the high chair.  “Write a letter to Santa!  We’ll put it with the cookies and milk tonight!”  Samuel gazed at the paper dismally before grasping the crayon in little boy stickiness.

He formed his thoughts and began to write. Dear Fat Man in the Red Suit,  I concede to your knowledge and wish to inform you that I do not regret a single thing.  Well, the cat and scissors episode was a mistake on my part….

Samuel beheld the paper which was now partially covered in scribbles, not in the clear words from his head.   Dammit, green stick!  Obey, or feel my wrath!  But to his dismay, his hand continued to make the same scrawl. Oh, well. 

He continued, …but The Cat is doing well, and we have made our peace.  Please accept this humble milk and cookies as an offering of friendship.  Sincerely, Samuel

The word “sincerely” stuck in his throat, but a little lying was fine at Christmas, as he had observed adults greeting each other with feigned delight.  Then Samuel smashed the green crayon into pieces on his tray.  You were warned.

That Christmas Eve night, The Mommy let Samuel carry the plate of cookies to the coffee table.  Both parents beamed with pride at his carefulness.  The Daddy put the glass of milk down beside the cookies, while The Mommy gave Samuel the letter to place with the cookies.

While The Parents laughed and hugged, Samuel turned his back to them, and prepared to place the letter atop the cookies.  Before this was done, Samuel dug deep into his nose, and removed a booger.  I have been saving this all day, just for you, Santa!

He smeared the booger onto a raisin on a cookie at the edge closest to the fireplace.  Eat this, Fat Man!

May the Peace of Christmas be with you....
During the Christmas season, I will be re-posting "The Chronicles of Samuel".  Responding to comments will be difficult; we are expecting 21 family members throughout the next week.   Pray for us all.  God bless you, each and every one, with the joy of God's gift to us, Jesus Christ.

This is a card I would send...
This one would please Samuel....


  1. For Samuel and small boys everywhere let us be thankful. And a very happy Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Oh dear, that's our boy. Merry Christmas Santa and look out for those green raisins.
    A very Merry Christmas to you Susan. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time with your houseful of people.

  3. It's not nice to mess with Santa Clause. Have a great Christmas.

  4. hahaha dear fat man in the red suit, awesome. And 21 wow! Good luck with that.

  5. Delores, we will have a busy time to be sure. They are, fortunately, not staying in my house. Whew! Merry Christmas to you as well. I know the wee man and Miss Gracie will give you many happy moments.

    Joanne, Samuel will struggle all his life, I fear.

    Elephant's Child, what would we do without those little boys and girls who give us so much?

    Pat, I hope you and your feline masters have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Oh oh looks like someone is getting a lump of coal!
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. 21 family members! Hopefully when you are able to breath in and out in a regular and healthy pattern, we will again be able to enjoy your wonderful stories.

    Enjoy your family and holidays.

    Keywords for the folowing weeks: take out or pre-made from Costco food.

  8. Ok this was priceless! I often wonder what little ones are thinking about all the Santa stuff. Now I know. Merry Christmas my friend!

  9. Cute story. Have a Merry Christmas and remember...breathe and enjoy.


  10. 21?! Wow rather you than me. Have a wonderful Christmas. :-)

  11. I hope no one ate that cookie! I hope your holiday went/ are going wonderfully.

    Wrote By Rote

  12. Misha--Happy Birthday! Christmas has been incredible, and incredibly busy.

    Arlee--Wait and see! We have been enjoying our visit. No brawls, or fisticuffs have broken out. We are Irish, though. So...Happy New Year to you!


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