Monday, December 5, 2011

Samuel and Santa

I know when you've been sleeping!  I know when you're awake...

The stroller raced through the Mall, with Samuel enjoying the ride.  With the revised harness, there was little else for him to do.  He had ditched a shoe back by Godiva, so he was pleased.

The Mommy came to a stop at the Mall Christmas tree, where Santa was seated on the big throne.  Without much pause, she replaced the retrieved shoe, and hoisted up the surprised Samuel.  Dang.  She’s gotten quick these days.

Samuel found himself on Santa’s lap, peering up at the jovial man with the halo of white hair and beard.  “Ho, Ho, Ho…”

At mid-Ho!, Samuel stuck his index finger up into Santa’s nostril.  Up yours, jolly old elf.
I know.  I know about....

Click, flash!  The camera captured the moment. 

Santa wrapped his gloved hand around Samuel’s and brought it down.  He’s been trained for this.  Samuel decided.

Santa bent his head down to Samuel and spoke.  “I know all about you.  I know what you did to the cat.  The scissors and all.  I know.”

Samuel grew still.  That event had not gone well for either of them.

Then Santa whispered into Samuel’s ear.  “I know about….” 

Samuel was stunned.  How could Santa know that?

Then Samuel was back in the stroller, gazing dully at Santa, who tapped his temple.  “Ho, Ho, Ho!”


  1. Fantastic! I wonder what santa knows about me?! What a great story :)

  2. Samuel has finally met his match. Ho Ho HO!!

  3. Love it. And mybabyjohn/Delores comment says it all.

  4. Oh, that was really good! What a naughty boy. I can so picture the kid doing that. :)

  5. I am still laughing! This is soooo well done! Santa is one witty dude ;)

  6. So funny! And a great picture. (New follower.)

  7. This is so adorable. I love it!

    You can count me in as a follower! I'm also participating in Cassie's blog hop. Hope you can drop by my blog

  8. Dear Susan,
    I loved it!!!! Thank you for the warmth spreading in my innards from this delightful story. That Samuel is surely bemused right now!


  9. Welcome, E.R. King, Kristy Shen, and Gillian! Yes, Samuel lives life on the edge, even though he is not quite two.
    Dee: He may be a little worried, too.
    Elisa: Santa would have to be, to keep up with the likes of The Scribe and The Hippy!
    Laila: Boys think in tactile terms. Samuel is excellent at that.
    Keena: Kids! Boys! What more can be said!
    Elena and Delores: The question is--what will Samuel do with this situation?!
    Laura and Elephant's Child: He knows all, sees all. Samuel is in trouble.
    Thanks to all who follow the Chronicles of Samuel. When I figure it out, I will lump them together.

  10. *smiling cheerfully* Great story -full of Christmas cheer! Thanks!


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