Thursday, June 21, 2012

PhotoPrompt: The Flowers at the Crossroads

From Delores at "myfeatherednest"

Javier gazed as his mother drove away, leaving him at their flower ‘stand’ to finish up the day’s sales.  Mijo, you stay here until all the flowers are sold!  We need at least $5.00 more.  Do you hear me, Javie?”  When Mama spoke like that, Javier listened.

Five more stinkin’ dollars?  He looked at the fading-fast spring flowers.  The daffodils were withering and the roads were quiet.

A car pulled up.  The window slid down silently, and a woman leaned out.  “Child!  How much for all those flowers?”  When Javier held up five fingers, she drove on.

Another car.  Same thing.

A third car finally stopped, and a man got out of his car.  He was out of breath, clearly at the end of his long day in worn-out way.  “How much for all these flowers?  My wife just had our baby girl!  Six pounds and three ounces!”

Javier looked into his earnest face.  “They’re free, mister.  You can have ‘em for nothin’.”

The man laughed and took out his wallet.  He gave Javier a bill, scooped up all the flowers, and sped away.

Javier looked down at his hand holding a twenty-dollar bill. 


  1. A kind heart reaps its reward. This is lovely Susan. I think what I enjoy most about these Monday PhotoPromps is the different messages the photos have for us.

  2. Sometimes people can surprise.

  3. he was blessed for being a blessing--loved it!

  4. Dear Susan, a lovely story of flowers freely given and the gift returned. Peace.

  5. Awe, that's wonderful. And act of kindness was paid in kind when none was expected. Lovely thoughts you have written, Susan.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  6. Wonderful and sweet story! I loved how he gained by not asking for anything. :-)


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