Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small Stones

Courtesy of

28 July 2011

Grandma, watch me
Splash and dive
Did you

Hands in the water
through the bubbles
And finding
The air.

"Grandma, my fingers are wrinkled."
 Tan lines on legs
Sun streaked hair

Droplets on eyelashes


  1. Oh, the joys of summer! With all this darned heat, a pool + grandchildren is a blessing.

  2. The last time I went to the pool with my grandmother she couldn't understand why I was swimming. Thanks for the sweet memory. And so you are no longer confused, the aloe plant lives next to the mixing bowl.

  3. Awesome poem! My kids could stay in the water all day in fact that is excatly what my son did when we went to my friend house. he even ate his pizza sitting at the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water! Summer is the best!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Thanks for the visit, Susan, and your kind encouragement. My last book is in hard copy, probably make it into an ebook later in the year. I have purchased a Kindle, useful for editing my own writing when away from the computer, and great for downloading free classics - those that I have lost over the years - but it will never replace a real book.


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