Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for...

Spring is officially here, and everyone is talking about it, as if it were a personal triumph.  There are indicators everywhere.  They are classical ones: daffodils, budding trees, a mild wind scented with pollen.  People have more lilt in their step, as if they know that the winter coats are close to being retired.  I know that spring is almost truly here, or coming, and it is my own peculiar and subtle way.

I do not support this product. I just like the photo.
Subtle?  Perhaps I would write “stubble”, for that is my indicator.  When I sense that spring is coming, I actually want to shave my legs. 

Oh, there is a big difference between having to or needing to and wanting to shave my legs.  All through the long winter, I wear jeans, heavy socks, and sweaters all the time.  Flannel pajamas are the lingerie of my life.  Moisturizer is a popular product on the bedside table.  No one sees my legs, so why should I shave them?  I am not 21 any more, as my mother is known to tell me frequently when I complain about my weight or arthritis.  No one, including my husband, is interested in my legs.

But with Spring, things change.  The capri pants and long shorts are looking more and more like they will be dug out of the drawers in the bureau.  Therefore, the legs must be shaved, and I will do this willingly.
Legs:  Watch out!  I mean business.

Why?  Dang it, it’s spring.


  1. Wear light weight long trousers and ignore that feeling of wearing heavy wool socks up to your knees...embrace your inner cave woman.

  2. :D I can't say which is funnier the post or the captions under the photos! Very amusing and enjoyable on a dreary morning!
    Blessings on this Good Friday!

  3. I loved the post, I almost always wear trousers.
    Best wishes on Good Friday.

  4. Fantastic post - still chortling here because I know exactly what you mean. but having waxed my own legs for years, I actually find shaving a blessed relief!
    Have a great weekend

  5. Thanks for your support with your comments, much appreciated,

  6. I'm still no good with shaving, but come spring I give my legs a good thatching.

  7. S is for stubble! Why didn't I think of that?
    Your post made me laugh. "...Not even my husand is interested in my legs:) I hear ya.

  8. This was great!
    My youngest recently, while lounging on my lap, informed me that my legs were very scratchy. Sigh.


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