Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Before and After of Christmas

So much for Halloween candy.

Christmas always comes to an abrupt end, it seems. For 2 1/2 solid months, the stores have been draped with garlands, dripping bright ornaments, while Halloween candy is in shopping cart marked "50% off". Carols of all types have been playing in a loop, but for some reason they have been classier this year.

Celebrating and loving with our family is a wonderful year long fest. So, pick up all that wrapping paper, down the eggnog, and finish up all those little chores.

Here is before:
Walmart sells everything.

Here is after:

after the Christmas rush
half off sale gift wrap
Get'm while they're hot!

But, no one sees what is really left behind:

Dump site for carts from all stores
There were mountains of shopping carts tossed in the field.
After a month or so, these were all gone. 
Christmas is over, yes, but we will continue rejoicing for the entire year. 

After all, Christmas is only 11 months and a few days away.


  1. If we could carry the Christmas spirit all year the world would be a happier place.

  2. And just a little over 13weeks there will be decent weather again. Yay!!!

  3. Sadly the final image refused to load.
    After Christmas we move into a sales frenzy and the stores are packed. Even busier than Christmas most year.
    And last year hot-cross buns hit the supermarket shelves very early in the new year.
    I think a lot of us yearn for simpler, kinder times.

  4. I'm smiling. YOu are so right. But for some readon this hear I still feel good! LOL I do love Christmas and the spirit it generates, and Yes, it will continue for many all year 'round.
    Love ye!
    Sherry & jack

  5. My sister took down all her decorations the day after Christmas, and drove out to my house to give me two tubs of candy and cookies, to cleanse her kitchen of such holiday fare! Not that I'm complaining...

  6. Good point. It is important that folks foster values of empathy, fellowship, compassion, charity, etc. year round. I would also hazard to say that folks would do well in carrying some of the celebrity nature forward too.

  7. It's astounding how "over" Christmas can be, and it really shouldn't be that way. We just got past Advent, it's only the 4th day of Christmas now.

    There are celebrations that can keep us rejoicing year 'round, and should.

  8. Start your 2020 Christmas shopping now and beat the rush!

  9. Even worse, (you're not going to believe this), a major supermarket chain here had Hot Cross Buns on sale on Boxing Day!

  10. I know Christmas is technically over after Epiphany, but I was SICK of Christmas when tv stations started playing sappy Christmas stories at the end of October. There's just SO MUCH good cheer one can take because none of it portrays the true meaning of Christmas. BTW, I also couldn't get your last image to load.

  11. Should carry it all year indeed, without the massive shopping lol

  12. Our Christmas shopping- such as it was- was done on the 23rd, our Christmas the 24th. I saw where Lowes would only take returns on the 26th. Laurie said they had a mountain of returns at her WalMart. We bought ornaments and gift cards. Ironic, seeings as we never got around to putting any decorations up.

  13. Time to start knitting for next Christmas ;)
    (Alas, I'm still working on this year's...)

  14. I got my after christmas pickups on the 26

  15. I'm still not ready to hang it up yet. There are still two, no, three more Christmas lunch exchanges to do and I won't say goodbye to the lights till I must! But yes, I know what you mean -- even the 26th shopping was a tad slow!


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