Sunday, November 27, 2011

This cake is just fine--so far.

Back in May, I wrote a post, “I do! I do!” 
Advice to Brides! 

My niece had gotten married at a beach wedding.  It was a lovely wedding, and the families were happy. 

So much planning had gone into the wedding, as does in most weddings.  So many worries were about the weather, since it had been raining all week along that beach.  But the day of the wedding was sunny and clear. 

Now we are preparing to go to a second-marriage wedding for the bride’s mother, who is my sister-in-law.  When I asked her about the wedding plans that always include flowers, cake, food, and beverages, her reply was profound.  “This time, I am working on the marriage, not on the wedding.”
I bet they worked on their marriage!

What an insightful answer!

I remember her first wedding and all the planning that went into it.  Months of planning, shopping, trying on wedding dresses was part of the wedding process.  Every detail was addressed, except the weather.  It was a miserable humid hot day.  The reception by the home pool had seemed a good idea, but few people danced and most huddled in the shade until the sun was casting shadows. 

The wedding cake was sitting on the patio under shade during the church ceremony (during which the flower girl fainted from the heat). 
Someone else's wedding

When the bride’s parents returned home, the heavy cake sides were slipping down off the cake.  Only quick thinking by a chef guest saved the cake; he repaired the cake inside in the dining room, where the A/C was cranked to super-high. 
Okay, it wasn't this bad.

As I think about this second wedding, I don’t think the weather will matter one little bit.  Rain buckets?  Cold winds?  No problem.   

This couple has spent all the past year working on the marriage.  They won’t mind a little weather one bit.


  1. sounds like she has it figured out this time. Best of luck to them.

  2. You're a good sister-in-law to applaud her insight. They'll be just fine!

  3. If only we could be so wise the first time around.

  4. The wedding is over in a blink -- then you have the rest of your life. Thoughtful post.

  5. And just as it should be. So much fuss is made to have everything perfect at a wedding that it seems the bride and groom forget about each other. Some of the happiest marriages I know of, forgot to get married. :)

  6. That is a brilliant insight. I suspect if more people took it on there would be less divorce. Thank you.

  7. Dear Susan,
    It's wonderful that your sister-in-law has mused over the past and come to such wisdom.

    I so liked what Manzanita wrote--that "Some of the happiest marriages I know of, forgot to get married." Yes!


  8. To all of you: The wedding was lovely. In a small chapel, with only the family, and lots of happiness: that's all that is really important.

  9. What a lovely post to remind us of the important things! LOL. Love the cake on the floor photo! oops eh?

    So, I couldn't find your email, but if you're serious about looking for a crit partner fire me an email, I'm always game, anytime!!


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