Thursday, May 22, 2014

One Down


Every Wednesday, Delores at Under the Porch Light tosses out six words for participants to play with, and often a sentence prompt.  

This week her words are: absent  vacant  empty  destiny  eyes  glaring,  with
her sentence prompt:

a juvenile urge to run and hide overwhelmed him

Sometimes I write my take on the words in her comments and sometimes I will use her words to create a fuller post on a Friday.

[Cover photo] Foundation of the Confederate powder magazine at Honey Springs Battlefield.
The Battle of Honey Springs

I decided to do both with these words.  

The sense of facing desolation and being alone--timeless themes throughout history present themselves.  Battle fields are scattered around the world.  Children are the ones who face the battles and who will fight them.  History remains the same. 

I did not start out to write something so dark, but somehow ended traveling there. 


Clara gazed across the empty fields with vacant eyes.  Her scarred and calloused hand shielded her view from the glaring midday sun.  Is this my destiny? She wondered. Is this all I will ever do?

With that thought, Clara leveled her rifle at the enemy and fired another shot.  Another one down. She wondered absently.  How many more to go?


This is let-words-flow, experimentation, whatever.  I hope you will visit her site and allow yourself to experiment.  After all, experiencing, playing with words,and writing are interchangeable.

You can access Delores' site by clicking on the peaceful flowing stream with yellow flowers in the right side bar.


  1. Susan as always this is a wonderful take on Delores' Words for Wednesday. This makes me want to know more about Clara and what led her to this point. Is this a war she's fighting in? Ir is she fending off personal enemies. I want to know more!! But I s'pose good writing always makes us want to know more :)

    1. Those are all great questions that I hope the reader will advance. I chose the name "Clara" because it is such a feminine and delicate name.

  2. You are so good at meeting the challenges. Love your writing.

  3. She sounds like someone not to be messed with

    1. I think she has become de-sensitized to the death around her.

  4. Pity those at the other end of her wrath

    1. The wrath she once experienced has now become cold blooded.

  5. Those were great words to use in a prompt, and you did well with them!

  6. I find myself somehow reassured when the words Delores give us takes someone else down dark paths. And console myself (a bit) with the thought that without the dark we don't see or appreciate the light.
    I too would like to know more about Clara - her past and her future.

  7. This is quite sad, wars and children just do not go together, yet too often it is children who fight them.


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