Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for....

UP! is an animated movie about many things. The characters are an elderly man, Carl Fredrickson,
who has lost his wife, Ellie. They bonded together as children when they considered themselves to be explorers. Their life-long dream was to visit ParadiseFalls in the Lost Lands of South America. To that end, they saved up pennies, nickels, and all denominations of money in a jar. The jar had to be broken several times during their life to pay for disasters. Being unable to have children, they devoted themselves to each other and their dream: to travel
Carl and friends (squirre
to Paradise Falls.

Both worked at a local zoo, where Carl sold helium-filled balloons and Ellie taught children about animals. After Ellie dies and when Carl is threatened with eviction and a forced nursing home life, Carl inventively makes his house into one floating helium balloon, with thousands of balloons lifting his house off the foundation.

Unknowingly, Carl has a stow-away, Russell, a needy eight-year old scout who is trying to earn one last badge, “Helping an Old Person” to complete his scout sash.
Dug (squirrel!), Kevin with Russell, and Carl

Ultimately, they do make it to Paradise Falls, where they encounter hundreds of speaking dogs (who wear dog collars that translate ‘dog’ into English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages.), and the dogs’ crazy owner, famed and disgraced explorer Charles Munts.  During their wanderings, a dog named ‘Dug’ and an exotic bird (which Russell
names ‘Kevin’) befriend them.  They are chased by the dogs and their maniacal alpha dog, a doberman pincher, whose speaking device is shorting out, making him speak with a helium voice.

Ed Asner is the voice of Carl, and is endearing throughout the character's growth (he looks like Spencer Tracy).  Crazy Explorer Charles Munts has the velvet voice of Christopher Plummer (and looks like Kirk Douglas).
On his way

Okay, I understand that not everyone loves children movies as much as I do. The technology that goes into making these endearing films amazes me. Heck, I was also amazed by “Snow White”, so perhaps I am easily amazed. Art in any form grabs me, and feeds my soul. The unexpected twists and turns also delight me. So, there!

On a deeper level, UP! is about undying love, creating one’s own adventures, opening the adventure to someone who needs something to believe in, and to be believed in. It is about persevering and accomplishing a dream thought to be impossible.


  1. I love the dog in that movie (squirrel).

  2. I thought of the word up when compiling my letters and words,I loved your version and also the movie,


  3. Very good movie! My daughter is at the age where you might enjoy it too! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I always wanted to see this!!

  5. This was an amazing film. Truly "up"lifting and inspiring. Like you, I appreciate the artistic element of animated movies. I also enjoyed the dog scenes...very funny.

  6. Thanks for the lovely comment, much appreciated,

  7. I loved this movie. Great post.

    I do not like the cone of shame.

  8. You wrote this so perfectly. I LOVE UP--the elderly guy is awesome!


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