Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for...

I have put off writing this blog entry, for the letter M.  It is about my migraines.  Oh, I have tried several times to put some sort of perspective on it.  You have no idea how many times I sat down at the computer and wrote out various genre to tell you about my migraines.
One was a sci-fi story where M’plygk is a slumbering hideous monster that awakes slowly, and wreaks havoc on my nervous and vascular system.  Only the fact that I am the tortured one is never revealed.  This poorly written story would make the sci-fi people out there curse in Klingon.
One is an introspective and eloquent essay on man’s suffering.  It is enough to gag a vulture.
Another is a chronological telling of my endless sufferings, revealing my steadfast nobility.  Again, this would make a toad vomit flies.

There you have my efforts, so I suck it up and start this entry for the wonderful A-Z Blogfest, which has pulled more out of me than a normal childbirth, and has been rewarding beyond description.  Big Thanks! go to the team who bravely put this together.

I have intractable familiar hemiplegic migraines.  It is never a question “Do you have a migraine today?”  The question is “How bad is it, from 1 to 10?”  As ‘familial’ suggests, this is part of my inheritance.
We all have a variety of genetic ‘inheritances’, whether it is breast cancer, chronic bowel disease, flat feet, or blue eyes.  This just happens to be mine, from my father’s side.  All my brothers have this, and my sister’s son.
The word ‘intractable’ means “Well, darn it.  We have tried every thing in known neurology science, and it doesn’t seem to work…” 

Even so, life continues, and while I cannot do many things, I can write.  Even if my eyes don’t want to focus, or whatever, I can still write. 
Even if I just lie on a sofa at my daughter’s house, I can enjoy Sunshine and Bright Eyes.  I can listen to them, enjoy their child-wisdom, and laugh at their antics.  I also get to sit in the rocker and watch TV with them, while they tell me they love me.  “Sometimes, Grandma, I want to say something to you, but I don’t know what it is.  So I just tell you that I love you.”  

I tell ya, that is pretty awesome for anyone, don’t ya think?


  1. Can't believe that comment from the kids doesn't cure everything. There goes another theory.
    I hope you get better over the weekend and stay that way -- better. (Think I need nore coffee to be coherent.)

  2. So sorry you have ths problem...pain in the head....pretty hard to ignore.

  3. I am sory you suffer with this, my mum did for a while and have vivid memories of her layinng in a darkened room,as she got older they disappeared.

  4. My mother and brother both suffer from migraines. They are debilitating for both. As my mother has aged, she seems to have left them behind her. But my brother inherited them. Poor guy. I seemed to have escaped that inheritance. Although I did have one migraine a week or so ago (not anything like my family members') with kaleidoscope vision. So I am really sorry you have to live with them.

  5. This totally cracked me up: " the wonderful A-Z Blogfest, which has pulled more out of me than a normal childbirth" I feel the same way. I'm sorry you suffer from migraines but it sounds like you have a good perspective on it and, you're right, life does go on :-)

  6. That last comment, that just cut deep in my heart... You're lucky to have that.
    - andrea

  7. That last comment, that just cut deep in my heart... You're lucky to have that.
    - andrea

  8. My mother suffered from migraines my entire life. She'd lay in bed in the dark and beg to be put out of her misery.

    She doesn't get them as bad anymore or she does and just doesn't tell me.

    I'm sorry you have to suffer with such pain.


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