Thursday, July 31, 2014

We are the....

Delores at Under thePorch Light provides some amazing challenges:  Six unrelated-topic words and/or a sentence prompt.  Click on the train tracks in my right sidebar to see other writers' ideas.

I could not resist the sentence prompt!  Usually those crazy six words send me winding down some road.  But this time she wrote

…spinner of tales…teller of dreams…

In school, I was the ultra-obedient student, altho my mind was not.

So taking these fragments I will give you instead a Gene Wilder spin on them with this:

...we are the music makers...we are the dreamer of dreams....

Gene Wilder is such a perfect actor for this role.

Delores, you are amazing.

P.S. Tomorrow my post will attack the six words.  Check back here!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's in a Name?

Photo: Angel Mary #advice
It makes perfect sense, doesn't it.

Well, apparently your name, the year of your birth, and the statistics related to such are highly significant.

Are you a Kenneth?  Chances are good that you are between 38 to 65 years old.  Or, maybe a Dorothy?  You are probably between 64 to 77 years old.

Here are some other name:

Barbara:  56 to 74

Ashley:  17 to 26

Fred:  53 to 74

Herbert: 52 to 74

Faith: 7 to 24

The years when Disney Princesses hit the screen definitely changed the scale.  

With the young male ages, it seems that names that end in -en, -an, -in, and -on seem to be popular.  Oddly enough "Oliver" had a quite a run long after the movie was released.

Sooo, where are YOU?  "Susan" is between 47 and 58.  I'll take that.

Are you brave enough?  Can you take this step?  Check out this site!

P.S.  Betty is between 62 and 80+

What is in a name?

If the font is too small (and sometimes they are), Press "control and then +" and see if that helps.  Delores told me that.  She is brilliant.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Living Life through Generations to generations

Our trip to Switzerland allowed our three grown-up children and their off-spring to be together.  Like proud parents, we stood back and enjoyed their interactions.  They have grown so much, accomplished more than we or they expected, and become successful adults.

Even in our glowing observing, we could not help but notice that WE were also be observed. 

Sitting in the family room (me on the floor) while we played cars and trucks with our grand kids, these three (with their spouses) leaned in closely, talking in low voices.  

Occasionally one would glance our way and then turn back to the group.  One would point at us.  One would indicate some body part where we were currently experiencing pain.  

All were serious.  Sympathetic. 

My husband suggested,  “They have great senior facilities here…”

I looked at my husband and him at me.  “You know,” I whispered, “Euthanasia is legal here in Switzerland.”

We looked back at our precious adult children.  They quickly looked away and moved to the kitchen.  

Then we resumed play with grandchildren.  Life is good as grandparents when there are Legos and toys available, and the children who have a glow about them.