Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Island of Three Winds

Drangey Bird Cliff in North-Iceland and the Viking Grettir the Strong

On the island of βrju Vindúr, life was defined by directions of three winds. A treacherous wind blew in from the ocean, while bitter cold wind swept down from mountains.  Winds from valleys sneaked in over green hills, blasting unexpectedly.

One at a time would have been acceptable, but usually two or three gusted through the town of Bakkafjörður all at once.  Merely walking up or down a street necessitated clinging to a wall, or hanging on for dear life on a ship rope strung along streets. 

Needless to say, villagers were noted for exceptional muscular development.  Even so, none could walk up or down streets without assistance.  However, one man had this skill, and he mocked other villagers as he strolled along, hands in pockets, posture straight.  Only his hair waved as winds blew.

Eiður was such a man.  No humility existed in him.  Pride emanated off him. Oh, how others grew to hate him.

He had the chance to leave the island on a ship delivering goods (as you can imagine little could be grown there).  Hopping aboard, he waved at villagers who wished all sorts evil to descend upon him.

Eiður returned after a month with big smiles and stories to tell.  But he had no idea that a month away from three winds had changed him.

He stepped off the ship and was immediately thrown to his hands and knees.  Trying stand up, Eiður found himself again creeping like a dog along streets to his house.  He could not stand.  He could not pull himself up on the ropes. 

From there on, Eiður moved from one spot to another, crawling.  Villagers watched him.  Justification was theirs.

Í andlitð!
(In your face!) 

This language is Icelandic, taken from a site, Translating English to Icelandic.

Keldur, where there is still a Viking age floor in the hall.
Company of Heroes

This story is strictly metaphorical.  No such island exists in Iceland, altho there are many other amazing islands and land forms!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

From Pillar to Post

File:Amazon Prime logo.jpg
Amazon Prime has been created by a woman, I am certain.  I can see her standing at her front door, tapping her foot and saying, “Dammit!  Christmas is in two days!  I ordered this gift from Amazon ten days ago, and where is it?  Where is it!!”

This woman has a doctorate in electrical engineering and computer design. She has written multiple programs, successful programs used by Apple, Microsoft, and all the big places.  She has written and designed for military and government. She even had lunch with Walter O'Brien.

Where is this gift, she wonders, as she grits her teeth.

This woman slams the door, and retreats into her immaculate home office, organized down to the very pencils on her desk which are sharpened and lined up line little soldiers.

She creates Amazon Prime.  Maybe, but this is from my mind.

I am waiting for a “Janome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine”.  I already have a monster Janome, weighs a good twenty-five pounds.  But taking it to my quilt club is nigh impossible, thus I have ordered this heavy duty but lighter weight Janome.

Tracking my sewing machine reads like this:

Tuesday. 3/21, 10 pm, package leaves seller facility, is in transit to carrier (FedEx).

Wednesday, 3/22, 5:34 am, package received by FedEx, in Rockford, IL. US

Wednesday, 3/22, 6:45 am, package has left FedEx from Rockford, IL. US

Wednesday, 3/22, 11:42 am, package arrives at FedEx in Des Moines, IA, US

Wednesday, 3/22, 2:41 pm, package has left FedEx in Des Moines, IA, US

Wednesday, 3/22 4:10 pm, package arrives at FedEx in Ontario, CA, US

Wednesday, 3/22, 6:22 pm, package is received by FedEx Ontario, CA, US (?) 

Wednesday, 3/22, 9:23 pm, package has left FedEx in Ontario, CA, US

Wednesday, 3/22, 10:11 pm, package arrives at FedEx in Romoland, CA, US

Thursday, 3/23, 4:25 am, package goes out for delivery to Murrieta, CA, US, scheduled for delivery Thursday, 4:14 pm.

Well done, creator of Amazon Prime.  Well done, FedEx.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

My mama told me....

While I did not dare to mouth off or disobey my mama (seriously, things could go south in split seconds), I have two daughters who have mouthed off to me, disobeyed and deceived me.  They both were told that "Someday, you will have a daughter who will challenge your knowledge and authority".

Now "the chickens have come home to roost".

I feel your pain.

Now, I smile when my daughter unloads on me about battles fought, won or lost. She knows why I smile, and has said the same sentence I said some 25 years ago.

Ah, life is good.