Friday, May 22, 2015

Wednesday Words: Brandon the Great

Our freedom is to walk with God —not with a magician…

Brandonni the Great had been his stage name moniker, way back when he had been a youthful and innovative magician.  His Abracadabra actually did put forth something that surprised and delighted all, including himself.

But, here he was, all bent over with arthritis, glowering at those smiling young nurses. “How are we today, Mr. Brandon…Now, let’s drink down the prune juice, shall we?...?” It was a nuisance to be around such darn cheerful pretty women.

When the carillon chimed from the nearby church, the nurses appeared in army formation to wheel the residents to the dining hall. Please…not creamed corn again…but there it was, gray goo.

Brandon summoned all the sparks that had once been part of him, The Great BrandonniAbracadabra!

A shower of creamed corn fell from the ceiling, coating each nurse with the gray goo called creamed corn.  The screams and profanities were music to the residents’ ears.

Still got it! Next cream?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sing a Song for Him

Dim Light

Sing a song 



On a soft night in May,

What had begun, quietly ended.

Room dimly lit,

Shrank into darkness.

Hands held tightly 

Unfold and fall.

Sing a song 



My brother Robert Peck  1951 - 1997

Monday, May 18, 2015

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

Why do babies cry, and what can a frantic parent do to satisfy this tiny 8 pound being?  This being who, essentially, has become the emperor/empress of the house?

Oh, I remember those days years ago where we parents were enthralled by this sweet little infant who was waving fists and screaming red-faced.
crying baby in the night
I am look darling, but....

First child: frantic; second child: not so much; but, third child?  We would have moved heaven and earth when she started crying.

We figured out the basic answers, however, the last one leaves us baffled.  These are:

        The baby is tired, but is in denial.

   The baby is hungry.  No problem.

                  The baby needs a diaper change.  Your turn.

Our own grandson after taking a three-pacifier nap.  

      The baby wants to be comforted.  Find the pacifier, rocking chair, and blankie.

           The baby wants to go on a car trip, even though it is 3 a.m.

                          What can we do?!  Good Lord, help us!

Do not feel obligated to watch the entire 28 seconds.

The final one hits every parent.  But we have some ideas.

Maybe the baby has heard about the recent House of Parliament appointments?

Maybe the last presidential elections went the wrong way?

Maybe the baby wants the wall in the nursery repainted?

While these are obviously ridiculous answers, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Even if you have not had children or even plan to in the future, all of us have gone on a plane with a baby screaming in seat 27A, while our own seats are two rows ahead, 25AB.

p.s. Our babies are adults with children of their own.  We grandparents smile and nod our heads with no sage advice to give.  God is good.