Monday, November 30, 2015

998 vs. 915, You're the Winner!

Captain Kirk - How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never know

Halloween was over, the chocolate candy consumed, and empty wrappers told the tale.

Only the good stuff was eaten, leaving mini-Tootsie pops, generic copies and Jolly Rogers in candy collecting containers. The order had been given to toss the losers away.

The challenge began when ten-year old Lily handed me a Cherry Mini-Lollipop, and kept the grape for herself.  “How many licks will it take to get to the chocolate center?”

We both looked at the candy on a stick, judged how small the round candy was, and made predictions.  Me: 75, Lily: 50.  How long would this competition take?  Me: 30 minutes, Lily (bravado of a 10 year old): 20 minutes, for sure.

Ready, steady, GO!

20 minutes in, I had done 120 (cherry). And Lily was up to 100.
25 minutes in, I was up to 200, and Lily was leading with 220.
30 minutes in, I had moved to 308, and Lily was all purple smiles at 315.

As the minutes piled up, my jaws cramped, the type of cramp one gets after eating a bag of Sweet Tarts.

We struggled with sore tongues.  “You’re going down, Grandma…”
600 to 582---653 to 690…would it ever end?

The end slipped in at 45 rough minutes.  Me: 915 and Lily: 998.

Lily danced around the kitchen, hands in the air, singing “Eye of the Tiger”.  Me?  I went to look into a mirror.  Sticking out my cherry red tongue, sweet and sour zones in the tongues had worked themselves raw.

Rule of tongue: eat all the chocolate stuff and dump the rest.  The Tootsie Pops are not a single lick.

The parameters of this game were vague.  I gathered that the more licks it took to get to the chocolate center was the winner.  It shows self control.  Whatever.  It is in poor taste to beat a grandchild who sings "Eye of the Tiger" and knows the words.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bate da Bag outta Ye

Liam gingerly placed an ice pack on a swollen throbbing jaw, given to him by his brother Jimmy.  That Jimmy—he sure busted me dial (punched my face).

What had started out as fun horseplay at O'Burne's Pub had escalated into a full-on brawl.  Disgraceful!  You boys have embarrassed us! AGAIN! Their mother had shouted a frequently delivered statement into their faces.

The sequence of the battle had had them rolling onto the pool table, smashing bar stools, and delivering heavy punches (knock yer pan).
When blood and broken beer bottles were splattered throughout the bar, the owner Frank McGuire threw them out to dark dank Knackers Avenue. “Get on yer bike and take yerself dah feck this minute if not sooner!” (Get out.)

Once the anger drained away, they staggered along the dim street, holding each other up.  

“A fine donnybrook (brawl), Jimmy .  I sure bate the bag outta ye (beat you up).”

“I’ll gi’ ye that, Liam.  You marmaladed me (punched) but good.”

“Ah, weel, I’ll knack yer ballix in (I'll beat you up) again next time…let’s git on home so Ma can gob smack us. (tell us off and perhaps slap us).”

The Irish males are often a rowdy group who may congregate in pubs. They have very colorful language. After a soccer or hurling game, there is often great animosity.

Next week starts December, and River will be providing some exciting Wednesday Words for ye.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Words

Just Wednesday

This is the fourth week of November, which means it is Thanksgiving week.  It would seem fruitless to put up a group of Wednesday Words, yet it feels wrong to not.  So I’ll provide 12 words and perhaps, in a food-gluttony haze, you will rest in the recliner and write…
Here they are:

Choose, thick, reinforce, insurance, queen, interface

Statement, stool, disgrace, jaw, avenue, fun


Most vivid amongst the memories of his home town….

It has been so much fun playing with words this month of November!  Eat heartily but wisely, my friends!

You may post your creation in the comment section below or write that you will posting at your own site on whatever day.  Help us find you! 
Now, have at it! (I will be posting here on Friday.)

The creator of Wednesday Words is Delores at Under the Porchlight. She passed the baton to other bloggers, wonderful bloggers.  My turn is the month of November. 

In December, River at will provide prompts on her blog (will be good stuff).

In January, Jacqueline at will challenge bloggers (and she will, too).

In February, Elephant's Child will delight bloggers (she is delightful herself) with choice words.

In March, Margaret Adamson, with her friend Sue Fulton will work out our writing brains (I'd love to meet this lady).

Since this crosses the world in many time zones, this meme may be published on Tuesday or Thursday in your own time zone.  Keep checking!