Friday, November 21, 2014

Wednesday Words: Attic to Cellar

Vintage photo albums

The cellar, Jackson sighed as he descended moldy steps.  Having worked from attic to cellar, Jackson had just eaten a copious number of brownies Grammy forced on him.  Oh, Jackie!  What an industrial (whoops, oh well) little boy you are!  Have another brownie…

After a pot of black coffee and a belly full of brownies, Jackson was galvanized to tackle the dank cellar. The first few boxes were with junk.  Then the third box yielded treasure.

An old camera from long ago era, 1870s maybe Civil War? Riveted by the tin-type photos carefully labeled with names, Jackson could pick out physical resemblances in his own generation.

Jackson froze when one branch of the family turned and headed to here-to-fore hidden family names, absent from family conversations.  One of the great-great-grandfathers was Amos Lee, a black soldier and his black wife, Martha Lee held a child on her lap…Jackson Lee. 

It was a page turner.  Tin-types led to Seneca tribes in New York and then onto Oneida tribes, some twigs went to the Lakota tribes in the West. 

Well, that’s a hell of a thing…Jackson smiled.   Trees have to have deep roots.

Colored men fought for both sides
An excellent source
An old photograph of Brave Eagle and Wife - Lakota c1870.
Source: a Lakota married couple

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cause and Effect in the College Years

Fresh air, breathed in and then exhaled, echoed:  Free at Last!  Free!  Free!  A flurry of  young freshman  girls unpacked boxes from car to dorm, with parents’ help.  No need for help it turned out.  The girls had been planning their escape for the past year.

Then the freshman mixer after reluctant parents disappeared was rife with giggles and nervousness.  The school year began.
The fresh batch of fairly innocent freshman girls were greeted a bit too friendly by older class males.  Ah!  Innocence—how nice it smells.  Red Riding Hood enacted on a college campus.

Some of female dorms were noted as the “free and easy dorms”, making the marks a bit too easy.  Really easy.

“Every year this happens.  You’d think the parents would talk to their daughters about this.  But, no.  To discuss this is to condone it. So, here we are, again,” Nurse Ruth cursed.

Read the information first!!
What happened every year?  The young gullible girls on Third Floor Jennings Dorm (the easy dorm; not the real dorm name) had just learned about birth control pills, the miracle of birth control pills!  One girl made an appointment to see a doctor and brought back the round container of pills.

Sooo, when one had a date, she would take one pill and tah-dah she would be safe from getting pregnant.  One pill = no pregnancy.

In three months, three girls were sent home to finish out their pregnancy. 

Fresh air! Free at last!  Free!
Do you recognize boy, left, bottom row?

Late 1960s senior photos:  note hair and clothing styles.

Monday, November 17, 2014

War of the Letters

Dear Mom,
Have just returned from seeing “Golden Child” 
with Eddie Murphy
The villain is Charles Dance. I do believe he is 
the very face of evil. Love.  Joe 


Dear Joe,
Don’t be silly!  Just saw “Gosford Park” 
and Charles Dance is the only noble 
character in the lot.  Well, Clive Owen is pretty good, nice on the eyes. Love. Mom

 Dear Mom,
Silly!  No, I mean it! 
Charles Dance is the face of evil.  
He and Terence Stamp. 
I just watched “Haunted Mansion”. 
Stamp is scary, too. Love. Joe
Dear Joe,
What about…can’t think of anyone else.  Love, Mom
p.s. How about Malcolm McDowell?  
His eyes creep me out.

Malcolm McDowell  Dear Mom,
Charles Dance, Mom.  
Love Joe

Dear Joe,
Just saw “Dracula Untold” and I agree.  
Charles Dance is the face of evil.  
Dang.  Love. Mom

p.s.  New question:  What actor could 
be the enigmatic answer to any question?

Dear Mom...
Good question...
"Who changed the
course of American History?  
Andy Williams"
Love. Joe
Dear Joe,
Seriously?  The 
answer: Don Knotts.
Love, Mom........

What random actor do you think could be said to "have the face of evil"?  What random actor could be named as one who changed the course of American History?

These has been an on-going question game between me and my son for years.
 It hasn't gotten
vicious yet.