Friday, March 27, 2015

Wednesday Words: Old Miz Guthrie and the Fire

Arsonist squirrel
A moratorium was now placed on church potlucks. The last one caused a flash fire when the Barbeque Pit exploded, sending miscellaneous pork bits and ribs, along with Bob’s Secret Ingredient (lots of whiskey) flaming sauce, flying over to Old Miz Guthrie’s tiny old house.

Old Miz Guthrie heard screaming coming her way, and then smelled the barbeque fire on her roof.  “Oh, Lordy, Lordy!  My house ‘s afire!”  As fast as a squirrel on a live wire, she scampered out the door, wringing her hands while the fire department extinguished the barbeque flickers of flame.

No damage done, Old Miz Guthrie thanked everyone, shushing them away, and hurried back inside.  Looking around at her immaculate, nicely decorated home, she raced down the steps to her basement, which was packed with fire-proof chests of gold coins, jewelry (oh, how she love nice jewelry), and packs of one-hundred bills. 

Unbeknownst to the community, Old Miz Guthrie was quite a spendthrift made possible by her late husband’s last bank robbery in 1955 in Chicago.  I better get outta this town.

The next day her brother Raffert showed up at night with a big van and they moved everything from the basement during the big school dance.  Just before she closed the front door, Old Miz Guthrie turned the cooker on high, with bright flames crawling to a dishtowel.

The town mourned for her. Damned BBQ sauce.


Kudos to Delores at Under the Porch Light!  These six underlined words were a challenge for me this time.  Just could not find a common thread to weave through and tie together.
Moratorium? Congratulations, Delores!  You got me.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nathan, the 'Gator Man

It comes in flavors.
Some of my family stories are true to the letter, while others have been stretched yet maintain that kernel that started it in the first place.  The following was told to me by my brother, as his son had told him.

Late fall was coming on, with blast of premature snow.   Nathan Peck was a Chicago city engineer who worked with all departments. Nathan has a gift, one of many.  He makes friends, tells awesome stories, and plays the most imaginable practable practical tricks on any vulnerable person.

The saran wrap across the toilet seat?  Amateurs.
Change out the keys of the keyboard?  Smirk.

Collecting all the chairs from the waiting room and stacking them in the CEO’s office? Hmph.

In one freezing November in Chicago, Nathan received a call from one of the field workers who reported something that caused Nathan to race out the office and squeal out the parking lot.  

When he arrived, the guys pointed to the frozen specimen of a five-foot alligator, sticking out a drainage pipe. They wrapped orange cord under and around the frozen carnivore, and it took all eight men to dislodge the swamp dweller from the ice.

Monday, March 23, 2015

My A to Z theme

Here it is:  March 23, 2015!  And you are probably wondering about the idea of Themes.

What will be my theme for the A-to-Z? 


Since childhood, I have always been one to watch dust motes in a steam of light.  I was one who asked the Why? And What?  And How? Questions. 

What is under that dime in the grass?  Who lived in this house?

Why does oil float on a puddle and make a swirl of color?

Pollution On Water I Alaska Travel Photos

Why? How? What?

My blog posts will follow the line of observations, random bits of literature, history, and quests…because that is who I am:  A writer, a storyteller, a reader--an adventurer.

Click of the red stage curtains to access a list of other "Reveals".

PS:  I will be following my regular blogging friends--because I would hate to miss what they write.