Friday, August 28, 2015

WedWords: Pop Quiz Time

Today is QUIZ time!!

Below you will find incredibly difficult fill-in-the-blank type statements or questions.
Can you answer them?

Who danced in SiO2 slippers?  


In what book is there a velveteen lagomorth?


In what book and with what character fancied Turkish delight?


What book was scandalous for its time, with “Lady” as the first word in the title?


Who was the cad in “Pride and Prejudice?


In classic Looney Tunes, who was Miss Prissy in episodes with the main character, a boisterous gallus domesticus, who spoke with a Southern Accent?



Every Wednesday, Randomosity posts 6 to 12 words to be used by any blogger who wish to enjoy a break from the serious stuff.  Use these words to write fiction, prose, poetry, flash fiction, etc.  Either post it on your own site and link it back to Randomosity or  make your addition to her blog site comment section.

The underlined bold italicized words are this week's words.  Hope you enjoyed how they were used.

Also, many thanks to Delores at Under the Porch Light who started this writing stir up, and to Elephant's Child who took up the slack when Delores' computer went all wonky. And also to River who took up the baton to pass on.

Go on with it!  Fling yourself out into the unknown!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Easter Bunny Cometh

vintage Easter basket // woven wicker natural and pink and green Easter decoration 1960s 1950s
Source etsy
This event was before the Superman Travesty, back before I knew just how low and evil my brothers were, and would become.

It was Easter, maybe 1960 or 1959.  Church was over.  Ham dinner was eaten and done. It was time for the egg hunt.  Hard boiled and dyed eggs had been hidden in our vast lawn after we all had fallen asleep.  It was never questioned by whom.

Free Stock Photo: Whole chocolate Easter Egg unwrapped with smooth plain surface on straw.

It was a brutal competition, with lots of screaming, shoving and pushing. There may have been some scratching and punching as well. There are no memories about who garnered the most eggs; the hunt was not so much about speed—it was about who was most devious. 

Then Easter was gone, baskets were packed away for next year, and deviled eggs were supper. With no holiday to anticipate, a veil of tedium settled over our farm in a pre-summer heat.

In the middle of the night, something woke me, something like a POP!  I rolled over, catching just a hint of chocolate.  Then a new smell came in waves---foul, recognizable, nauseating.

It was the distinctive odor of rotten eggs.  Rolling out of bed and looking under it, I spotted a lone Easter basket with the remains of an exploded egg.  One of my three brothers had placed it there before I went to bed. (My bedroom was that clean...seriously...even under the bed...)

Opened the window…threw the Basket out…and heard the muffled giggles from my brothers’ rooms.  They were waiting for my own explosion. 

Well, they did not get it.  I tiptoed down the stairs and slept on the couch.  The rotten egg smell did not limit itself to my room; it traveled to their room as well.

Justice and revenge would wait for another day.  I was the soul of patience.

Those bastards....

Monday, August 24, 2015

Some Mondays...

It has been "unseasonably warm" here in San Diego.  Having made a promise to myself to not complain, moan, groan, or otherwise bitch about the weather, I am moving to something that makes me smile and laugh.

For a Monday, this is a sweet start of the week.