Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That which was lost...

My husband John is a brilliant man, one of those rocket-scientist types.  We talk about asteroids and volcanoes.  He will watch a DVD on math and calculus for fun.

But, God love him, he has that selective memory many smart men have.  They know about physics and the elements table, but cannot remember where they left the car keys or how to set the sprinkler system.  

 Do you remember my search for his iPod?!  The Things My Husband Has Lost!

While I was gone, he had to call an electrician.  He ‘helped’ the electrician as they searched for the cause of the problem, which was in my writing room.  To allow access to the outlets, John cleared away all sorts of folders, binders, and assorted works-in-process.

Consequently, I have been searching for stuff for days.  Most important among those items was the Christmas cantata music our choir is practicing.  

 Man.  I tore apart every possible spot, every logical location that he might have placed my music tote bag. 

Huzzah.  That which was lost has been found.  John put the tote bag in with all the other re-usable totes we keep, in a dark corner in the kitchen

His response when I found it?  “Really?!  In that corner?  That’s really funny!”

Funny?  Not funny.  However, John lives to teach another day. 

What about your spouse or partner?  Do you struggle with the urge to scream?


  1. hahaha still single, so unless the cat eats it, I know where everything is. Dvd's on math, geez needs to up his tastes, then again it prob beats remakes.

  2. Every day is a treasure hunt here..hubby has a wee touch of adhd with a hint of ocd. Makes life interesting.

  3. Every day! Today, when I went to weigh myself, the scale was missing. It has been in the same place for 9 years, but today it is gone. He has been putting on some pounds lately; maybe I should look out the window to see if he threw it there.

  4. Dear Susan,
    I have no spouse or partner. The cats and I make up the family in this home. (I'm so glad on this chilly day that I have money to pay for heating the house.) But I do often talk out loud to myself, sometimes in a heated way, when I can't remember where I put my sunglasses or I've stopped for a yellow light and someone almost has an accident trying not to rear end the car. Ah, I can be my own worse enemy. I don't need someone else to make me a little frayed and frantic.

    Somehow, your posting reminded me of the last stanza of the poem "Desert Places" by Robert Frost:

    They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
    Between stars--on stars where no human race is.
    I have it in my so much nearer home
    To scare myself with my own desert places.

  5. No spouse, no partner. I think that you can rather guess the reason for that is that being reorganized by someone else makes the head implode. It's not the reason, but it is true.

  6. There is a lot of 'looking with the mouth' that goes on in this house. 'Where is my ...? Have you seen my ...', or when he is living dangerously 'Where did you put my ....'

  7. I'm the person who loses everything. Unfortunately, I'm not great at math. I can catch dangling participles in everyday conversation though. That counts for something though . . . right?


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