Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaser Tuesday for The Golden Eagle

Part of my family, early 1900s

I love antiques, and often find myself searching through all sorts of ancient (to me) objects.  This book is one of them. 

The Ideas of a Plain Country Woman by “The Country Contributor”, published in 1909.  This nameless woman wrote several articles for Indianapolis News and then a few for Ladies Home Journal

As I struggled to adjust to the writing style of more than one hundred years ago, I also was reminded of my grandmothers who were alive, young women even, at that time period.  While this book could have been entertaining as a memoir of the ‘good ol’ times’, with frequent references to milking cows and churning milk, it did not.

My Grandmother, 1916

Instead this Writer presented the conflict her generation felt with being a countrywoman who has an Eighth Grade education, and sees what is coming for the next generation.  She started the book writing about her struggles in a one room school house, and her struggles with math.  When the writer finished 8th grade, she was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

The Writer wrote about men, and how their perspectives are with the bigger picture. “…Men think in years and decades…but a woman’s life is in the details of the big schemes of things…(she) rebels (and) wishes she, too, take a hand at epoch making…” 

She also reflected on Women Suffragettes and the right to vote.  All for it, the Writer wondered then about the home and how it would change.  “…wherever you are, wherever there is a 
point of alert, interested consciousness, 
THERE is the centre of the universe…”
One room school house; my dad holding the ball, in front

The Writer wrote about her daughter’s high school graduation.  This was an accomplishment in its own in 1900.  But, as she listened to the guest speaker degraded any woman who did not keep moving into the university, the Writer looked at her daughter.  The young lady already was going to teach in a local school, and change lives by education.

While this book tends to wander in its prose, the Writer stays true to her understanding that there is the centre of the universe, and it is wherever the reader finds it to be.

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  1. Wow...she was ahead of her times in her through processes....She must have been very frustrated at times.

  2. Dear Susan, thank you for sharing these photographs of your grandparents. They make me wonder about mine. I know so little about them and even the pictures that have been passed down to me do not have identifications with them.

    I'm going to look for that book. The woman sounds now like someone thinking beyond her time. But maybe many women did that then just as they do now. Life is filled, I've discovered, with mystery.


  3. This sounds so interesting! She defiantly has a unique POV. I bet reading that is like finding more gold in a goldmine. :) Great post!

  4. I do love to read about the early 20th century. Those were interesting times and the world changed so much because of those strong, industrious people

  5. I envy you all these wonderful pictures! My Mother-in-law has often indulged me and taken out her old albums so I could look at the pictures. Your pictures are awesome!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. I love old books! I am fortunate to have inherited boxes of my great grandparents books that I find fascinating. This book sounds like a worthwhile read.

    It's great to see the photos of your family.

  7. She sounds like a renaissance woman with an eye to the future. Love those old photographs.

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