Friday, November 25, 2011

Simple questions with simple answers...

Migraine Aura: if only I could make money off this!

I like simple questions with answers. 

Last Sunday, I went to the emergency room after having a migraine since Thursday.  The barometric pressure was changing, and when that happens, I am in pain.  No, in agony.

Through Saturday night and into Sunday morning, I was awake, watching the migraine aura paint swirls and star bursts on my ceiling. 
This is called an "Amnesia Migraine".  I have a few of these...I think...

Years ago when I had to seek help from Urgent Care or the ER, I was regarded with suspicion, as if I were there to get a narcotic, a fix.  Now, with computer records available, any doctor within my primary care physician’s clinic group can access and see all the interventions.  Then they know I am not there just to get drugs. 
This speaks for itself.  Thanks,!

As brain research improves, treatment options for my type of migraine improve.  Someday, maybe there will be a simple answer.

Oh, by the way…
On Saturday, November 26, Arlee Bird is featuring an interview with ME! on one of his new blogs, Wrote by Rote.  Please go there on Saturday! 


  1. Hopefully someday there will be a simple answer for all ailments, or the more likely case, they will actually give us the simple answer. Because we all know they can't cure everything fully, then the poor hard on their luck big business companies might go broke, heaven forbid..haha

  2. Mom suffered badly from migraine. She used to be bed ridden from them for days. However, I don't think she ever mentioned the pretty colours. Sorry you've been under the weather.

  3. How marvellous that treatment options are improving, the sooner the better. Will check Arlee Bird interview on Saturday.

  4. I get debilitating migraines a few times a year and it's hard to describe the pain to people who have never had one. once I was working and I could hardly hear what people were saying! I was pregnant with my son which made those migraines worse. Hope yours is gone for good! Stay well my friend!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. A long time ago I got three day headaches. Never one of these. I hope treatments get better sooner.

  6. Dear Susan,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you suffer from these debilitating headaches. I would imagine you have great nausea with them and vomiting. What happens when you go to emergency? Do they have a drug that knocks you out until the migraine is over?


  7. I am lucky enough (not) to get vomiting migraines, screw driver in the eye migraines, but have never seen the aura. I also have a kind of a hangover for a couple of days after one. I hope yours clears completely and quickly. Sending empathetic ouches.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines--I hope the simple answer comes soon.

  9. Feel better! I hope there's a simple answer soon, too!


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