Monday, November 14, 2011


An interesting, amusing, or startling photograph
has the power to spark creativity
and arouse the writer within.

The village was silent, a dusty silence that floated in the air.  We could breathe in the silence and feel the fear.

So many trucks had driven through here in years past.  Those trucks brought guns and ended in screaming.  Then the silence when they left was profound and devastating.

Our truck brought food, clothing, and people.  These people carried medical supplies and they brought the hope through Christ in the Bibles they had packed.

As we stood around the truck and the translator spoke to the village, a curtain cracked open, just a little.

Then a little face peered through.  Brown eyes examined us, questioned our purpose.

Then those sweet little child eyes opened wide.

There was a hint of a smile.



  1. So sad, when all trucks ever brought was death and destruction.

  2. Dear Susan,
    Both lovely and evocative, as is the photograph. The tragedy of war and death and fear overcome by the compassion of those who seek only to heal.


  3. Now that's a thoughtful, beautiful response. BTW, did you leave out the word "she" ("what she has seen") in your header description?


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