Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For Your Dining Pleasure....

Tonight!  For your dining pleasure, dear insert family member’s name here , I will be serving a one-of-a-kind cassoulet .  Its contents? 

Heck if I know.

No, I do know.  The contents are from the pantry of “What do we have here?” and the larder of “What is its expiration date?”

I returned from a visit to my sister last Thursday.  It usually takes my body and brain about a week to connect.  Consequently, options were few when it came to tonight’s supper.

I found some cooked brown rice in the refrigerator.  It smelled fairly normal.  There was also a jar of spaghetti sauce, almost a half jar.  I had trouble opening it, but there was no green or black in the sauce. 

Then the carton of cottage cheese sneaked out from the back.  Its expiration date was November 3rd , but it didn't have that sour nasty odor, and it was still white.

Scrounging a bit more in the dry pantry, I discovered a can of albacore tuna and some sliced green beans, along with diced tomatoes.

Tah-dah!  Drain the tomatoes, tuna, and green beans.  Mix it all together.  Add some Parmesan cheese.  Bake until bubbling.  Stir it up really well.  Top with non-moldy cheese.  Let brown a bit. 

Serve with a flourish and great style.  They will never know.   
P.S.  How do you spell “vwah- law”?


  1. When things are desperate, the desperate head to a restaurant. voila (it means "behold")

  2. hahaha sound like a work of art or at least able to please, even with expired cheese.

  3. Desperation makes for some very fine dinners. Though it also makes some on the 'hopefully the cat will like it' list as well.

  4. I agree that you should have went out to eat..LOL

  5. Dear Susan,
    I admire your creativity. Like you, I mix and match and try out new dishes made from left-overs and veggies that beg me to take them out of the crisper and do something with them. Most of the time my taste buds thank me. Every so often they hide in disgust. But cooking with an adventurous flair is always exciting!


  6. I agree LOL! Cheese makes everything great. This one had me rolling :)


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