Saturday, November 5, 2011

Samuel and Nana

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Samuel relived the day from the confines of his crib.  A tent had been installed onto the crib.  It prevented any escapes, despite Samuel’s thorough examination of the installation.

The Mommy went out for something about her nails, and Nana had come to watch him.  Nana, Samuel decided, is one tough old bird. 

Nana had raised The Daddy and four Uncles.  Nana anticipated his every move.  How is that possible?  Samuel himself was making things up as he went.

Nana had put Samuel in the useless play-pen, and parked her rocking chair right by it.  Every time Samuel lifted his foot to the bar, Nana grabbed it and put it down, “NO, you will not TRY that one!”

Oh, Samuel had tried all his maneuvers, everyone in his arsenal.  Nana foiled each one.  When The Mommy came, Nana let down her watch.  The iron oppression lifted, the thrill of the chase began.

Nana’s purse was on the coffee table.  While Nana sipped coffee and laughed with The Mommy, Samuel slinked off with the purse.  Plopping down behind the curtains, Samuel dumped the contents.  Ah ha!  Red Fire lipstick!  The game is a-foot. 

Samuel started small and worked large.  He massaged Red Fire lines into the carpet, onto his face, and wiped his hands on the drape.  Magnificent.  Lipstick is my true medium.

Then there was the screaming, the retribution, and the sounds of scrubbing.  Nana put him in the tub and he did not come out until every hint of Red Fire was gone.   

When Nana put him into his crib, and none too gently, their eyes met and their minds connected.  As Nana left the room, Samuel smiled.  His Red Fire hand prints were all over her butt.  Well played, young man.  Well played.


  1. Still chuckling over that one.....Nana's good but not quite good enough.

  2. Oh, how cute! Thanks for visiting my blog while I was away playing Nana. I appreciate it, and now that I'm back home, am happy to reciprocate. As Arnold S. said, "I'll be back!"

  3. A one all draw it sounds like. Love the photo.

  4. LOL! Poor Nana!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Dear Susan, I read your posting a few minutes ago and then went and got a cup of tea, all the while chuckling.

    Thanks for this delightful story!


  6. Touche' on the tushy! Hilarious!


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