Thursday, November 3, 2011

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1st Writes

Sipping her tea as she watched Cameron with his friends, Sharon remembered every word she and her teenage son had exchanged that morning.  They were bitter words, angry words.

Sharon watched her son laugh with boys just like him, and wondered if they had also fought with their mothers that morning.  The boys erupted into an impromptu football game, showing off their prowess.  ‘Almost men, still little boys,’ Sharon grimaced as one boy hit the ground with a loud grunt.

Jake came into the kitchen from the garage, and wrapped his arms around her.  “Whatcha doin’?” he growled into her ear.  Then he looked out the window.  Jake laughed when Cameron leaped high to catch a bad throw, and landed gracefully.

“Oh, just watching our son.  You hear the fight this morning?”  Sharon walked to the range where a big pot of chili was simmering.  The cornbread in the oven was almost done.

“Oh, yeah, I heard it.  The neighbors probably heard it, too.”

Sharon sighed.  “Oh, Jake.  I am just so scared for him.  He is too young for this football camp…and I know, I know.  It’s his chance for a college scholarship.  But he is so young, so impressionable.”  She stirred the chili, and pulled the steaming hot cornbread from the oven.  “How do we know he will be okay?  That he won’t be pulled into…bad habits.  Ya’ know?”

Jake heard her.  Without a word, he took down a framed photo from the wall.  “I know, because of this.”  He held out the photo.  “This was taken when we were at a Father/Son Church Camp.  He found Christ that year, and hasn’t taken his eyes off God since then.”

Sharon took the photo, and looked at her two men.  Both loved God, and were loved by God.  “God will keep Cameron in His Hands…”  She hummed the old tune.  “Hey, call the boys in for supper.  They must be starved by now.” 

Sharon set the photo on the table, right in front of Cameron’s place.  ‘It’s a great conversation piece’ she thought, as the boys rumbled into the kitchen.


  1. Dear Susan, Two and a half years ago, I left Minnesota, where I'd lived for 38 years, and moved here to Missouri. I am lonely here because I miss kindred spirits--people with whom to have the conversation that may be part of supper in your posting story. I miss talking about spirituality and the varied spiritual paths, about politics, about books and ideas.

    That is why, I think, I so enjoy this blogging world. I am discovering so many people who with great honesty share who they are. What a blessing.


  2. Good solid ground work.....the lad will be fine.

  3. Hi Susan,

    This post brought up so many half-buried feelings. This is what writers do, they wend their way into the lives of their readers, and make them think, or make them feel, or open them up in some way. I'm edging closer to the six year anniversary of my only son's death. You never know what your last words will be. I'm grateful that our last exchange was a loving one, but, you just never know.

  4. Letting go of our children is bittersweet. I cried when each of my four left, but was excited for them when they made the giant step into adulthood and independence. However, three came back with animals and other people.

  5. Such a strong--beautiful--message here. You've reminded me today, to put my faith in God :)


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