Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for...

Whenever I see a word with “Z” in it, that word catches my attention.  It is always an interesting word.  It stands out in a crowd of words clustering around it to make a sentence.

And, a word that starts with a “Z”?  WELL, that is one amazing word.

Somehow the “Z” lends an aura of power.  Think about it:

Ezekiel (an Old Testament prophet who did amazing things)

Zed is the wizard on the left, shooting flames at you.
Zed (from “Legend of the Seeker”: a magician/wizard)

There are several movie versions, but this 1979 Peter Sellars movie is my favorite.
Zenda (as in “Prisoner of Zenda”)

Zuill was in the refrigerator, and dragged Sigourney Weaver right into the world of bad things.
Zuill (from “Ghost Busters” in the refrigerator scene)

Hazard (always an attention-getter)

Not his best movie, but it was very sexy
Zardoz (a Sean Connery movie)

Zacharias (father of John the Baptist)

Zerubbabel (part of the lineage of Christ)

Words with “Z” as their chemistry are true stand-outs. 

Huzzah! for the letter “Z”!

This concludes the A-to-Z 2012 Challenge.


  1. I guess Z really does stand out, never thought about it before. Zuill was great, love Ghostbusters. Lord Zedd and Zordon are two from power rangers..haha

  2. Magnificent finish. Now to grab some zzzzz's.

  3. You did marvelous in this challenge. I enjoyed reading all your posts.

  4. Great Z entry! Now to relax for a while! :0)

  5. It's been nize getting to know you this month! I've enjoyed your posts.

  6. What an original and insightful post. I never thought about it before but you're right. Z is a marketer's dream letter.

  7. what a creative way to end an amazzzzzzzzzzing blog!

  8. I never thought about it, but seeing all these Z words together, you are so right! Very creative post to end the challenge. I've really enjoyed your posts this month!

  9. Well done; I am impressed at the energy dedicated. And, I think Zelda deserves more credit than F Scott gave her.

  10. Congratulations on reaching the pointy and powerful end of the A to Z. I hadn't considered your take on Z before, but believe you are right. Thankyou.

  11. ...and to all a "Good Night!" Ze end of ze awesome A to Z!

  12. another good strong z name is "Zorah" a girl's name!

    happy Zzzzz to you.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby


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