Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for ... Izola's Place

Looking down the Mississippi at the Louisiana Bridge, blt. 1928

It was a grand old river city, right on the Mississippi River.  Just below Hannibal, Missouri, the city of Louisiana had been a busy place since its founding in 1817. 

The Stark family log cabin
Mansions were built here, fortunes made here.  Even now, Louisiana, MO, is visited by many who follow the river along Hwy. 79 down from Hannibal.
One of many old mansions in the city
Can you imagine the heating bill for this?

Many memories sprout up when I recall Louisiana.  The one about which I write today is:
I is for…Izola’s Place

In October 2009, the autumn leaves were beginning to be glorious.  My mom would say, “Oh, in another few days, well, then…”  My Aunt Vada picked Mom and me up for a drive around Louisiana. 

When they were children, their mother’s family lived there.  Back and forth across a bridge built in 1928, Mom and her sisters spent a good part of their growing years there.

At dusk, we decided to pick up something for supper and cross back over the river to Illinois.  “Say, now, there’s a place I’ve always wanted to try,” I ventured.  “Izola’s Place, off Hwy. 79, on the way out of town to St. Louis.”

Izola's Place--go south on Hwy 79

I ran in and ordered three smoked pork steak sandwiches, which came with sliced white bread and onion.  It was almost dark when we got back to Mom’s house.
Izola's fried chicken

Izola's barbeque

Aunt Vada opened one Styrofoam container and asked, “Susie, how many of these did we order?”  We put the steak on the largest plate Mom had, and it lay over the edges.  “Three,” I answered.

Go to Izola’s Place to see for yourself.  Those steaks were amazing.


  1. It certainly looks like a plateful.

  2. Beautiful pictures and it is nice to have a familiar place to get comfort food.

  3. Mississippi, one of the few states I have not had the pleasure of visiting. If I'm ever in the area I'll be sure to try some Barbecue at Izola's Place!

  4. Thank you now I am starving:) I love that house...wonder how many books I'd have to sell to pay the heating bill. Great post and pictures.

  5. I love finding places like that! They are little jems!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Not sure my picky eating would let me eat such a thing, but sure looks like quite the place.

    1. funny you talk about the heating bill. I was thinking of the COOLING bill!

      Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  7. What gorgeous photos - that tree leaning against the mansion is gorgeous! And there's nothing like a good old bbq plate.

  8. These places are a treasure, aren't they. We have a few favorites around the country. Can't remember their names, but we can find them again.

  9. What a deal! But I keep going back to that tiny little log cabin. It looks so perfect - yet I'm sure it was anything but. I'm sure there was just as much love and pride in that house as there was in the mansions.

  10. What a wonderful I post! And a lovely memory.

  11. Shoot. That looks worthy of a road trip!!


  12. I love these old houses. That is what is best about traveling to certain places, seeing the old houses. And the food looks great too.

  13. Susan,
    I like how you ended the post with food. Yummmmmm!

    The Write Soil
    1st Writes

  14. Now that I'm starving i guess i better convince my husband to grill me some steaks. mmmmm

  15. That sounds delicious! Now I'm hungry. :)

  16. It sounds really, really good!

    Great pictures, too. :)

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    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  17. Those buildings looked amazing. Thank you.
    (as a vegetarian I wasn't quite as excited by the steaks. They did sound huge though - my partner would love them.)

  18. Izola's Place is a cinder-block building about 20 X 20 feet square. All the bbq and meat smoking is done out back. It is a humble place, but has a loyal following. Louisiana, Missouri, is along the river between Hannibal (Mark Twain country) and St. Louis, Missouri. Great scenic drive, especially in the fall. Thanks for all the comments.

  19. Definitely sounds delicious! Amanda

  20. Fascinating post. I am from Louisiana and I enjoyed your story and photos.

  21. ABout the house, I was thinking I wouldn't want to clean it! Funny what we each think. Looks like it could be quite the haunted manse at Halloween!

    Now I'm in the mood for some white bread with sloppy meat n onions. Yum!


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