Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for...Vexillographer

With St. Patrick’s Day behind us, my granddaughters still proudly wore the tee-shirts I had rigged for them.  I say ‘rigged’ because I am not a craft-oriented person.  I quilt, I make, but the finer point of “Wonder Under” fusible web products eludes me.
Green is for the Catholic faith, Orange for the Protestant, and White is for the Peace that binds them.
In trying to save time, I ironed, and glued, and cursed.  The end result were two little girl orange tee-shirts, garishly decorated with leprechaun prints and edged in gold fabric paint.  The girls liked them, okay?

It was the Irish flag, supposed to be the Irish flag in green, white and orange.

A country’s flag is a big deal.  I recently read an article in National Geographic by Jeremy Berlin, in which he discusses the “Flags of the World Today”.  What does a flag really mean?

Berlin wrote, “…a flag may be designed by contest or committee.  The challenge: to distill a nation’s essence—values, beliefs, traditions—into just a few shapes or colors.”
India: green, white, and orange

From Jeremy Berlin, I learned that a vexillographer   must incorporate the five hallowed principles:  distinctiveness, simplicity, no lettering, two or three colors, and only meaningful symbols.

Note:  I have been reading Jeremy Berlin's articles for years, didn't know it.  Here is one on Polar Bears.


  1. Now THERE is a "V" word...and interesting as well.

  2. that's a v word for sure... I looked at it and just saw VEX- not what i was expecting :)

  3. Wow quite the V word, sounds like quite the task too. Even made you curse..haha

  4. i never new that--too detailed for me to attempt :)

  5. I feel the need now to somehow incorporate the word vexillographer in a conversation. Oh, how I will impress!

  6. I have learned a new word. I think the graphic challenge in designing a flag would be exciting. Massive...but fun.

    Granddaughters LOVE gold paint! And anything that Gram's make for them :)

  7. My new word for the day! I didn't know so much went into it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Well, I see I'm in good company for not knowing this word!

  9. I passed a house in Wisconsin last week that had a five foot high flag pole flying an appropriately sized Irish flag. It was so small it made a statement. Now that's an appropriate flag.

  10. Wow! I learned a new "V" word. I'd never heard of it before! Actually quite interesting about the "hallowed principles" of flag creating! I never thought much about it before, but it makes perfectly good sense, and all the good flags do follow those principles!

    Thanks for the lesson!

  11. I am so often educated here. And not only educated but interested. Thank you.


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