Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Power of Love

In 1985, we moved to Ireland from the Mojave Desert, California.  This was a time when a flood of Irish young people were heading to America.  For some Americans to move to Ireland was a big confusing; we were an anomaly. 
My husband with Mary and John at Saddlebutte State Park in the Mojave Desert
As we settled in, we went to the local school where our children made friends.  First, they needed to be outfitted in the school uniform. 

This thrilled me.  I loved school uniforms—no fights in the morning about style and matching colors. 

Our three children and I went to Dunnes Store where the uniforms could be purchased inexpensively.  Every mother in the community was holding up gray slacks and light blue shirts to their squirming children.  My own squirming children submitted silently.  Except…
Mary playing in the woods around our home in Ireland

In moments, my four year old Mary disappeared.  I did not panic and chase around screaming her name.  I just waited and listened.

Mary had a high-pitched voice that could carry above any noise.  Soon I heard her.  She was singing the latest Celine Dion song, “Power of Love”.
Mary really irritated her brother John.

There she was, in front of a tri-fold mirror, belting out the lyrics, surrounded by amused Irish mothers, also shopping for school uniforms.
“…For I am your WOOOOMMMMAAAN….and you are my MAAA..AAAA..N.  Whenever you REACH for me….I’ll do all that I CAAA..AAAN!...”

She was on-key, I’ll give her that.


  1. what an adorable story--i can hear mary singing now--new follower

  2. Funny story! But I'm still trying to get my head around the idea of moving from the Mojave Desert to Ireland. Wow.

  3. Did she do the "arm choreography"?

  4. Oh that song gives me the heebie have no taste I guess. Moved the year I was born too, school uniforms though, yuck.

  5. Wish I could have been there to see and hear that!

  6. I would imagine that was a nice way to introduce yourself to the neighbors and other school moms. Did Mary join chorus?

  7. What a cute story - much less embarrassing than some children in store stories I've heard.

  8. What a character! Is she still the entertainer of the family?

  9. That's hilarious! I bet it's one of those things you wish you had on video now.

    Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,

  10. smashing story - so grim buying school uniform day:( good for her singing her heart out there - enough to bring sunshine into the store.

    visitng on the long round of A-Zings - like your posts -well, no not the one about eating frogs, they are my soul mates:(

  11. Susan,
    What a funny story! The mother probably needed that little diversion to get through their shopping ordeals.

  12. What5 an adorable image you have created. I fell in love with your daughter instantly, good for her.


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