Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for...Neti Pot

Out of the dredges
Of sinus misery,
Green as the slime
That covers me,
I curse what bacteria
There might be
For my inflamed and pounding
This is an adaptation of the poem, "Invictus".

Oh, poetry comes hard for a summer cold sufferer.  Prostrate as a bloated worm upon a sagging couch, I could summon neither word nor rhyme. 

Harsh reality forced using a dreaded foe to recover health.

Enter: the Neti Pot.

If you have ever suffered enough for lengthy measures of time, you know what a Neti Pot is.

If you have not lay awake all night, unable to sleep or breath, with your head swollen three times its normal size, and with a pounding ache around your eyes, then you probably don’t know what a Neti Pot is.

 Be prepared with the knowledge contained in the video below.  A cheerful man (Dr. Stork) will tell you how to use this product.  Breathe free, my friend.  Breathe free.

Please note that only clean, parasite-free water should be used with this product. 


  1. I have never used a neti pot, but I have humidifiers spraying water 24 hours a day in a few rooms of my home. I guess they do some good, but I still spend a good part of my day blowing my nose. Maybe I should give the neti pot a try.

  2. So glad I never heard of that, couldn't imagine sticking that up my nose..haha

  3. Susan: I've heard of the neti pot. My friends swear by it, but I have a phobia about squirting liquid in my nose. I can barely stand Afrin nose spray, even though it really clears my sinuses. Coincidentally, this week I had a horrible cold and my head was just as you described. I took Tylenol for the headache and put my face in steam to loosen the mucus.

  4. What a wonderful blog subject! Why didn't we see how the stuff came out of the woman's other nostril - does it make you gag? I use Olbas Oil on the pillow.

  5. trekking your blog!!! thanks for sharing! never heard of neti pot.


  6. I knew this post was risky, but a public service message was in order. I avoided all gross YouTube videos available, and went with the strictly product-endorsement video.

    Using the Neti Pot was an act of pure desperation. I hated every single second of its use. But it worked. There you have it.

  7. I really feel for people that suffer from allergies and sinus problems. Seems like a good ad for viewer - since its already 90 degrees here in April- and I see pollen already flying around.

    I have used saline solutions for nasal congestion- it really works so well!

  8. Love me some Neti Pot. My western med GP recommended it to me.

  9. I've heard of a neti pot but never tried one. This spring has been such a nightmare for my allergies and sinuses though, I should try it! I'm impressed by the Neti Pot poem LOL. :)

  10. I have heard this really works. On a side note I know someone that has a collection of old tea pots and in this displayed collection is a neti pot...Susan, I just don't have the heart to tell her what it really is....Oh goodness maybe I should; what if she's used it as a tea pot!!!!!UGH!!!
    Blessings, Joanne

  11. I had heard of them, but never used one. I use the Vicks Vapour Rub inhaler thing. It works as well.
    I would now like to propose a toast to a sinus torture free season.

  12. It totally works! We use one quite often :)


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