Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is Darkly Descriptive Desperation

Swirls of Satin


Deadly dark.   

 Doab Diamond crept through dredges of sludgy unseen sewage.

Walls of soot-blackened bricks crumbled beneath Diamond’s gloves. 

These, and more like it, await you!
 Not a molecule of light existed in this world. 

Even a brilliant torch would dot, blink, dot
out into utter blackness, relished by
resinous toxin.

Diamond removed a glove.  

Blindly his fingers combed through the atmosphere,  sensing that even the air was black.
red lace on black

He crushed the ether with a tight fist.  

 It oozed out as deleterious effluence, dripping
into a draining hiss.

 Razor-sharp grains of obsidian drilled through his ebony skin. 

Descend Demon Dragon
Desperate, Drear dug into the sludge blindly.

 “Have to retrieve…to activate it…before…”

 Before the Doom.

Before the Dragon.

I am absolutely addicted to alliteration.  The twists and turns of the tongue torture me.  Fighting forever ferociously to avoid anachronisms, the writer within writes on.

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  1. Whoa, this is really cool!! LOVE IT! So nice to meet you!

    I'm #222 on the A to Z linky list!

  2. Wow!! That's all.....just Wow!!

  3. Chum, is it cheesy of this chick to chide you for choosing
    dreamy, deliriously delicious and wildly wonderful words that drive me to dive into the dictionary?

  4. Alot of d's came due and wonderfully done. The dragon was of course my favorite.

  5. What a lyrically inspired piece! A joy to read!

  6. Eew! That was so deliciously drippily icky! I needed a shower to get the words off me. Well done!

  7. Ooh what a fantastical piece of poetry. Loved it.
    Great A-Z post!

  8. Lizy--the rose is awesome, isn't it!
    Jess--I'll pop over to visit!
    Delores--mandarin oranges...this will be awesome for Easter.
    Zoanna--good to see you!
    Pat--Can't wait to see what you do with "D"!
    Brianna--nice to see your name!
    Stephanie--I know, the 'd' words are a bit dark.
    Luanna--'devilish'...didn't dream that one up.
    nutschell--Be popping over directly.

  9. Simply Delightful. This one started me Dreaming of other days again. Thanks.

  10. Oooh! Dark and broody!! :-)


  11. Definitely dark. I love the black rose. Pretty.

  12. YOU amaze me! This is sooooo good!

  13. This was awesome! You'd think the big words would slow things down, but they were fluid to read and added to the overall effect. And I love well done alliteration.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  14. So cryptic and foreboding! A chilling account of an underworld ...

  15. That was definitely very dark. I like the picture of the black rose, there's something really poetic about that.

  16. ooo nicely done. Liked the beat to the story as it slowly brought the reader down to the dragon with the character.

  17. Ooh, that was deeply deliriously dastardly dark!

    AS for what's next for state testing, who knows. Those folks who make them up are in the dark!


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