Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for...Xlerator

This is only the beginning...
Every adult who has taken a child to a movie has learned two things:

Popcorn and drinks are great ways to keep a child quiet.
Drinks provide the child with a need to go to the restroom which he/she wanted to check out anyway.
I don’t know whether it is the novelty of the urinal (boys), or the number of stalls (girls).  I do know that children love to wash their hands in the movie restroom. 

The soap dispenser either gives out foam or some pink liquid.  Either one has a novelty about it.
The faucet may even be automatic, which is delightful to me if not to the child.

Then there is the hand drying bit:  paper or air?  Doesn’t matter.
Or, at least, it didn’t matter until recently.  Enter the new dryer on the movie block:
Excel Dryer
Feel the Power!

Those are the honest-to-God words on the machine.  I am telling you the truth.

This dryer blew back the skin on my hand while it air-blasted the water.  Imagine a little seven-year old girl with her five year-old sister placing their hands under that power blower.  Then their faces.  Then their hair….other body parts, clothing…
We will never leave this bathroom.  That hand dryer will keep us entertained forever.
Man, we paid $28 to go to this damn bathroom.  That doesn’t even count the popcorn.  I hope Grandpa likes the movie. 


  1. You are so right about kids wanting to hang out in the bathroom! I hate public bathrooms and whenever I have to take my kids to one I cringe. Hmmmm, maybe I can get one of those super duper power driers for the home bathroom!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. What a great "X" find...can't wait to take the wee man to the movies again. We'll likely spend the whole time in the bathroom.

  3. What a great word for X! This made me laugh so much as I remember being totally fascinated with the theater bathrooms myself when I was a kid. Very funny. :)

  4. Haha. This was an awesome X post! Makes me smile because of how true it is!!! Oh, and have you seen those hand dryers they have where you slide your hand half way in and it dries about powerful!!! :)

    have an eXcellent weekend!

  5. I am just picturing what that great burst of air from the Xlerator would do to the loose skin on my face. The grandchildren would probably enjoy that more than the movie.

  6. haha kids and the bathroom. It always seems to be a magic place for them to visit. Not sure it's worht almot $30 bucks though.

  7. some of those things almost pull your skin off or give you new wrinkles---xcellent x word

  8. You A to Z'ers certainly are saving the best for the last. I'm expecting Y and Z to be over the top.

  9. Ah yes, this gives that British expression for going to the 'bathroom', (I wonder why we call a public toilet, a bathroom' in North America)...anyway, this gives that British expression for going to um the bathroom, 'spend a penny' a whole new meaning and at considerably more than a pennny :)
    Take care and happy writing,

  10. LOL. Great post.

    From the slogan "Feel the Power" you'd think it was trying to intimidate people . . . maybe it is.

    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  11. Not a fan of public restrooms, but I've found that some of the best are in the Las Vegas casinos.

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  12. I'm with Melody-Mae here. The new hand dryers that you insert your hand into and it bursts into action are amazing. This from a woman who avoids public toilets if at all possible.
    Great X post. Thank you.

  13. Oh my gosh, those things are amazing, aren't they! We have them at our Costco now. Pretty powerful stuff!

  14. What a great word and found object. I have not come across this new hand dryer yet. Love the image of you with your grandchildren though.

  15. You've ACED the "dreaded" X-Post!
    Original & fun!
    (I'm now gonna prowl the shopping malls in search of "X-contraptions" for future reference... *chuckles*...)

  16. saw an xlerator the very next day!! ha ha


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