Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O if for...Offering

Early memories of the offering basket are not pleasant.  No, our first meeting of the offering basket was not a high moment for our family. 

That Sunday we were in an iron grip on either side of our mother when the offering basket came by.  Momma was busy singing, and we found little to do with only one hand each.

Kent and I must have been young, maybe 4 or 5.  The basket came by and this was the first time we had ever seen the like.  Dollar bills, great handfuls of change, and even some checks were in that humble basket. 

That's just how I feel, too.

Kent’s mouth made an “O”, as I took the basket from the old lady next to me, and passed it to Kent, amazed that this old lady didn’t empty the basket for herself.  She looked poor, like she needed some new socks or hankies.  Old ladies always wear their hankies out.

Kent grabbed as much paper money as he could, and went for the coins.  Stuffing them into his pockets in rapid-fire, Kent glowed with gleeful greed.

Get the coins!  I hissed. Get the silver coins!

Momma came out of her worship and saw the money disappearing into Kent’s pockets and down his pants.

Oh, it was bound to happen:  Momma dropped our hands, I dropped the basket and Kent knocked it up high into the air.  Money spread everywhere like fluttering leaves and nuggets of gold. 

Momma dragged us out of the church in a red-faced flight, muttering all the way down the aisle.  Once out of sight, she just about stripped Kent down naked to get all the money.  She gave us a talking-to about the money being for God, and that we were stealing from God.

Kent and I were never allowed near another offering basket; the ushers skipped our row altogether.  We didn’t know why God needed our money, but it had something to do with “offering”. 

Well, if God needed our money, He could sure have it.

"My name is Rachel and my brothers name is Joshua. We made an apple juice stand and want to gv it to the kids in Africa for mosckito nets.  We made 42 dollers and 50 cents."


  1. Taking young children to church was always an adventure.

  2. I can understand the thought process...really...I can.

  3. Wonderfully told as always, children are always unpredictable, especially in church. I remember taking a service with only the organist and being faced with a heavily pregnant Mum who let her two year old run about during the entire service - he was being a train and making loud chuffing noises. My sermon wilted. :0)

  4. hahaha how can one pass up free money. It's right there, maybe they were seeing who would grab it first for all you knew..haha

  5. Now that's funny!

    He thought he was in money heaven - haha!

    Good one for today's "O"


  6. great story! love it!! aren't kids great

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  7. If this was your first time in church your mum should have had her eye on you THE ENTIRE TIME. Good for you and Kent.

  8. I laughed so hard reading this. What a great memory and story!

  9. So very very funny! The same thing with communion for the first time for my baby brother. He was supposed to dip his bread in the juice and he just started drinking it. Very embarrassing for my mom!

  10. What a funny post. Loved it, thanks for your story. visiting from A to Z

  11. This was the first time we were aware of the offering basket. We probably had seen it, but only from the bottom. Now, we had grown enough to see it from the top. And, boy oh boy, it was a lot of money to a child who delighted in pennies and a nickel.

    Thanks to all who are visiting this site! And, thanks to all who have commented. Trying to read as many blogs as possible, I know you are flying fast!

  12. Rachel and Joshua are lovely mites.
    We were not church goers but I apparently helped myself to the contents of the till while my mother chatted to the shop keeper. Worse, nobody noticed until we were home and I was being changed. Oops. Another O word I am far too familiar with.

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  14. Susan,
    Stealing from God, huh?

    Funny story!

  15. Love your "O" post, Susan. So funny!


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