Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for..Fantastic Fried Food at the Fair

State Fair information sites are delicious.  Texas and Iowa are special.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats a State or County Fair!  Just say those words aloud in a conversation, and see what happens.  Everyone has a memory of a trip to the FAIR.

I believe our memories are firmly anchored by the odors and scents that come with the State/County Fair visit.  Whether it is the walk-throughs of the cow, pig, goat, or sheep stalls or the multiple stops at the food vendor courts, our sense of smell locks in the memories of going-to-the-State-Fair.

So it is with great pleasure, I propose that F is for Fried Foods at the Fair!

Deep Fried Jelly Beans
These foods go beyond unhealthy or indecently pleasurable. These deep-fat fried foods venture into a realm of absolutely unique.  Here is a minimum list of currently-on-the-menu at different fairs:
Deep Fried Beer

 Fried Cola             Fried Margarita    Fried watermelon 
                        Fried Energy Drink

Fried mac and cheese; cheese on a burger with cheese, on a Krispy Crème Donut topped with chocolate covered bacon
Deep Fried Coca-Cola

Fried Scorpions   Fried Captain crunch burgers  
Made with a bubble gum infused marshmallow
          Fried Whole Stick of Butter          Fried Cheese Cake on a Stick 
Deep Fried Whatever
            Fried Bloody Mary                        Fried lemonade
Deep Fried Hot Dog and Cotton Candy

Fried pineapple on a Stick         Fried Maggots      Fried Biscuits and Gravy
Deep Fried Butter

Fried chicken pancake      Fried Autumn Pie (pumpkin filling, rolled in ginger snaps)

Need I go on?  These adventurous food vendors spend years on experimenting with new ideas.  Who knows what we will see at the next fair, and absolutely have to try?

I have my nose and eyes ready for Fried Red Velvet Funnel Cake with Cream Cheese topping.


  1. Fairs are great places to spend time; and yes the food is one of the best things to wrap your mouth around.

    Wow- the deep fried food whatever dish - just tring to decide if I really could wrap my mouth or mind for that matter around it!

    Great theme and pictures!

    Look forward to more!!

  2. Amazing what they come up with....can't say I would ever put it in my mouth but, amazing.

  3. You could have gone on. I've not tried most. Didn't care for the taste of funnel cakes, so I avoid the fried stands. But they sound and look wunnerful.

  4. OMG! I put on weight just reading this. At our village fain in Sussex the worst (and best) was a bap filled with pork from a spit-roast pig.

  5. There are so many different types of fried foods! I've never really been one for enjoying the state fair, but I do love funnel cake. :)

  6. Most everything looked delish... missing my fried food.
    :-) Happy A-Z ing.. :-)

  7. Wow, I think I need to go hose my arteries out just from looking at these pictures. I'm not so into the fried fair food. Give me a caramel apple any day and a big whirl of pink and blue cotton candy. But great post, all the same :0)

  8. Apparently any food can be deep-fried, so your red velvet cake is surely in the works!

    To be at the fair is like being in another country - there are different rules.

  9. And I thought Deep Fried Oreos were bad! Wow. That is all scary and delicious sounding.

  10. Not sure I been to a fair, I suppose that is what one may call the thing that goes on around here though.

  11. Can't try most of these being veggie. We do make a lot of fried but its mostly onions and certain vegs in pulses/lentils batter...but the chicken lollipop is a favourite with my friends.

  12. Note to all: I didn't say that I eat these things--only the funnel cake. But I am enthralled by the vendors' creativity. I saw a Discovery program on Fried Foods at the Fairs, where Texas and Iowa were highlighted. Each claim to be the best. I will never know.

  13. some of this stuff, no, MOST of this stuff is pretty gross. Nice photography and great essay.

    I haven't been to a county (or state) fair since they started this fried food thing. No wonder.....

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  14. We don't have as much food like that at our foods, but nom, nom, nom, fair food.

  15. Yes, I do love the smells of the fare, but other than a funnel cake (well, maybe a doughnut baked by the women's auxiliary), will get past my lips.

  16. Evocative stuff; I can almost smell the delicious smells from here.

  17. All the fun of the fried food at the fair. Of course, in Scotland, they deep fry Mars bars. Oh my goodness.
    Take care and have fun :)

  18. Oh dear. Nix to the fried food, but I loved the animals and the preserves that someone (almost always a woman) had put time and energy and creativity into.

  19. Great theme, but kind of scary! Some of that fried stuff kind of made me nauseous! I'm more of an elephant ear kind of girl! But, I must have cotton candy when I head to the fair!


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