Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for...Rites of Passage


The past two or three years have been filled with all sorts of “Rites of Passage” for me. 

Remember when a ‘rite of passage’ was something simple like learning to ride a bike?  Getting to shave (and needing to shave) for the first time?  Losing a baby tooth?

Life is a journey...

Those were simple and mostly joyful.

There were other ‘rites of passage’.

How about:  Losing a pet?  Breaking up with a girl/boyfriend?  Failing an important test?  Scraping the side of your dad’s car against another car?

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Then there are more and more big and little, joyful and painful rites of passage. 

The point is this:  Rites come in all sizes and impact us all in different ways.  Each rite we go through reminds us how vulnerable we are, how hopeful we can be, and how much we need each other.

So, Here's to the “Rites of Passage”!  

May the ones we survive make us stronger, 

may the ones that hurt the most

 make us kinder,

and the ones that take our breath away

bring us closer to

 whom we should be.


  1. Life is a lesson book whose pages turn oh so quickly. I could have done without some of those rites, but you are right, they made me stronger, kinder, and sometimes brought me to places I never would have gone.

  2. How very true, for often this does occur. Even a greater sadness when nothing is learned.

  3. wonderful subject--there is something so poetic about the phrase, rites of passage

  4. Dealt with one of those yesterday. Had to put down a dear friend yesterday. My 13 yo Boxer had bladder cancer and told us it was time. Feeling heavy hearted today.

  5. Rites - yes, those occasions everyone has to go through to reach adulthood, or some semblance of it at least. Firsts - first love, first heartbreak, first baby, child's first day at school etc. And maybe, one day, first book published!

  6. Never thought about the bad things as a rite of passage, but that they are. Have to go through them to know.

  7. Rites can be hard and rewarding. We're trying to teach my 8 year old sister to ride her bike without training wheels and it's hard, but we know that she will be able to do it someday. :)

  8. Lots of firsts....death of a much loved grandparent, a parent, marriage, childbirth, putting a pet down, your first poem, the first food you cooked that was edible....stepping stones, some big, some small...

  9. I've away's been intrigued by those words "Rites of Passage"

    When ever I hear them - its like a calling to go through something and I desire to go through it!

    Rites of Passage has always had a ring of intrigue and mystery to it - and that's what I like!

    I need a new one to come my way! Something novel!

    Have a great weekend, Susan!

  10. While I can accept and understand that Rites of Passage have an education linked to them and can make for a stronger human being I think that for some of them I would prefer to remain weak and wimpy all my days.
    I have a theory that I can get through anything if I have to, but would prefer that the truth of that mantra hadn't been quite so thoroughly tested.

  11. Some rites of passage are definitely more enjoyable than others. But it is kind of... well, cool isn't the right word, but something like it... that most of us have those moments in common no matter what our backgrounds.

  12. Great poem at the end. Those rites of passage can be big or small, but all have an impact. And, as some comments have stated, there is commonality that we share in those rites that bind us together and give us courage and support when needed most.


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