Saturday, April 20, 2013

Q-R Post: Quintessential Radio, part 2

Radio Host:  Okay, you’re on live.  How can Dr. Love help you?

Male voice:  Okay…I wrote this girl a letter…I gave it to the postman and he put it in his sack…

Dr. Love:  So he put the letter in his sack, and…?

Male voice:  (sobs) Bright and early next morning, he brought the letter back…

Dr. Love:  So, the letter was returned?

Male voice:  …she wrote upon it:  Return to sender, address unknown…

Dr. Love:  You had a quarrel?  A lover’s spat?

Male voice:  I wrote “I’m sorry!” But my letter keeps coming back…(indistinct nose blowing).

Dr. Love:  So, the letter was returned....What did you do next?

Male Voice:  So then I dropped it in the mailbox, sent it special D (delivery)…

Dr. Love:  And the next morning…?

Male voice: It came right back to me…RETURN TO SENDER…

Dr. Love:  Same thing?  Address unknown?
Male voice:  ...and, ‘No such person…No such zone’! (soft crying)

Dr. Love:  What the heck?  What’ll you do next?

Male voice:  This time, I’m gonna take it myself!

Dr. Love:  And put it right in her hand?  Isn’t that stalking?  I mean, really?

Male voice:  …if it comes back the very next day, then I’ll understand the writing on it…

Dr. Love:  I think that is best.  Take a hint.  Move on, buddy.  Move on...Next Caller, line 2...something about "Your Cheatin' Heart" you're saying?...

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  1. Ah the young trim Elvis....what a hunk.

  2. Sometimes it can be so hard to let go. I remember feeling this way when things weren't working out with Cade after Zeke died. What a tough feeling.

  3. Yes, a hunk. I second that comment. Also, this post REALLY made my morning :)) Stopping by from in the A to Z challenge!

  4. Sometimes the best thing to do is move the heck on.

  5. I'm with Pat here- moving on is the only way.

  6. How sad. Unrequited love is a terrible thing. But there's someone else out there who deserves them more!

  7. Sometimes it's hard to let go but sometimes it is the best thing to do.

  8. You are so entertaining. :)

  9. and so was that gorgeous Elvis!

  10. Susan
    A delightfully entertaining post. Geez, I kinda forgot how good looking the young Elvis was. He had it all.

  11. That was fun! thank for the good read!

    visiting from A~Z

  12. Hilarious! It really reads like a radio show, it was only when I scrolled down and saw Elvis that I realised there's a song text in there... Well done!
    (visiting from A to Z,

  13. A wonderful post without a doubt. Glad to discover your blog. Looking forward to more!!

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  15. First Frank and then Elvis? Kinda makes you wonder why everyone is so crazy about the Bieber! Double the fun Susan!


  16. These posts are really clever - certainly brighten up my day! Well done! ;-)


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