Friday, April 26, 2013

W-X Posts: Wyvern and "X", part 1

The letter “W” whirls around my brain like a washer on heavy duty spin.  All my great ideas, the ones I took rigorous notes and scribbles about back in March, now smell as bad as a tri-color pasta salad left too long in the trunk.
No, I am just teasing.  I decided to go with a monster theme here, naming one with "W" and the other with "X".

So here it is: 

Wyvern: n.  (heraldry) a two-legged dragon with outspread wings and a barbed tail [M.E. wyver fr. O.F. wyvre, var. of vivre, serpent]  

It makes me wonder how this creature (mythical, I hope) was created.  It took some creative minds and some frightened peasants to come up with such an extreme creature.  Two legs!  Wings!  A dragon!  Barbed tail!  Nothing in God's animal kingdom existed like this Wyvern.  Extremely creative.  Extremely frightening!

From Wikipedia (God bless it!) 

Trento-cathedral-relief with wyvern.jpg
This Wyvern relief carving is in Italy!  

A Wyvern, which is apparently well-known to all except me

 I bet you think I will drop the ball with "X".  Check it out tomorrow!


  1. Wyvern makes for a terrifying combo, for sure. Happy Friday!

  2. Wouldn't want to meet that in a dark alley.

  3. kinda beautiful in it's own way and no i don't think you will let us down with x :)

  4. Maybe it was real and the aliens took the away to another planet or us.

  5. Just like the one on the Welsh flag! :-)

  6. I think it is the one on the Welsh flag, but never gave it any thought until "W".

    Pat--Maybe the Wyvern IS the alien?

    Lynn--I promise "X" will be interesting!

    Delores--no, I'm not a fan of dark alley scenarios either.

    Jaybird--It is the talons that get to me.

  7. I did not know there was a name for this particular type of dragon. But the name is a good one, it has the sound and feel of something archaic and menacing.

  8. I have full confidence in you that you will come up with an X theme. You are a terrific writer, Susan.

    I think that people throughout time are thrilled when they are frightened. I don't understand why, but it also gives me a thrill - so bring on the dragons.

  9. Not a lot of words start with "wyv" either - a good one to remember for SCRABBLE.

  10. I also haven't heard of Wyverns before. Extra points for an unusual "W" word, and I'm confident that your "X" will eXceed my eXpectations!



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