Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday Words, er, now Thursday...

Being late this week on all counts, I give you my Wednesday words:

hallowed    candles     echoing     gossamer    fluttering    cry

What will you make of these words?  Go to Delores' site 
to see what she has created.


  1. Good to put my wizards (oops...I mean thinking) cap on.

  2. The hallowed candles cry, echoing their fluttering light showing off the gossamer.

  3. Fluttering candles cry, "Gossamer!"

    Echoing candles cry, "Gossamer! Gossamer! Gossamer!"

    Darn de person h'allowed dat blankety blank gossamer t'get so close t'dem candles in de first place??? !!"

  4. Each week I really, really mean to play - and then the week escapes. Next week. I hope. Wonderful words - full of hope and beauty.

  5. Pat Hatt is good. Me, I have to google define some words. Hello Susan, this is oceangirl.


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