Friday, November 30, 2012

Archeology Found Me

Now we are growing older, to the years when our grown children sneak looks at us and whisper to each other, “Do you think Mom is…Dad looks…?” 

Realizing that our house is imploding with our multiple interests and collections, I entered my closet and tore through it with the fury of one bent on victory.
Not my closet--but it could be.

The most accessible layer of my closet reflected my travels with tee shirts from everywhere we went.  My style choice of jeans, tee shirts, and wild gypsy skirts were in the top.  

 Then the next layer?  It was from a time of indecision and difficulty.  The dresses from too many funerals and too few parties were folded and placed into a plastic bag.  
This closet looks vaguely familiar...

The deepest layer was the younger me, when I needed professional clothes, suits and even formals.

Then I (with my husband) stepped into the garage and singled out the camping equipment.   

This is NOT our garage. Click here for source.

The first layer was our affluent camping years:  huge three section tent, Coleman camp stove and lanterns, air mattresses, and luxury camping gear.  This reflected a time when we could afford the comforts.

 The next layer took us to the years when we packed lighter, went camping more often.  The gear was battered and used. Our teenage children were usually with us, and gave the equipment some rough wear. 

The final layer of camping equipment reflected our youth.  It contained a two-man tent, with bare essentials.  “Pick up and go” camping at its leanest is what made that layer.

Archeology takes many forms.  

 While the 15 year old me wanted to get into the dust and grime of the dig experience (with college boys all around), the grandma me found just enough action in my own dig site. 

There was plenty of dirt and grime to go around, and I didn't give a fig for any cute college boys. If I could find some, they could carry the boxes and bags to GoodWill for me.  In fact, that is a good idea...

I took two Aleve™ tablets the next day, and rejoiced in all my discoveries.


  1. So, were you able to part with any of it? I have days when I do my archaeological digs and get rid of long forgotten and not used in decades items. It is a very good feeling. My husband, though, has a much harder time parting with things so I have learned not to tell him what I have taken to Good Will.

  2. Wow that is a ton of layers, my clothes are all the same haha besides the business crap, which I wish I could burn and never have to wear again.

  3. Family history dig...lots of fun. I'm glad it didn't take too too much out of you.

  4. Excellent, Dr. Livingston. You will resume your work and fill all empty space again, I'm sure.

  5. Love those layers. It seems that the simple times can bring back such rich memories. You brought me some just reading about your dig.

  6. I could do this. I should do this. There are areas in our house and garage when I am frightened to go, I step in with a hand braced against the fall out. I really, really should do this. Soon.


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