Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Words

This has no relation to the words, but it's a photo of my 5 month old grandson, Benjamin.

I was listening to a CD when selecting these words--not from the same song though.  See what you can make with them!  Post them in the comment section below!

eyes         wind       seen       rise    aloft    scene

My own take on these will pop up in a day or so.  In the meantime, check out Delores @myfeatherednest.

She always has something awesome to enjoy!


  1. Oooooooh....I feel something otherworldly stirring when I read these words....tingles...shivers......

    1. Okay....
      Kayla rose higher, ever higher. Born aloft by the hot desert wind, she soared over the canyon. Eyes constantly in motion she searched for her prey. Aerial surveillance was her specialty and the FBI had called her in to assist in tracking down a known serial killer, on the loose in the Nevada canyons. Frustrated, she took a moment to drink in the beauty of the panoramic scene spread hundreds of feet below her. The painted canyons, ribbon of river, the wildness and loneliness of it all appealed to something deep and primal within her. There...a sudden flash of movement, the sun glinting off a rifle barrel, there he was. She screamed her victory into the wind and in a flash of claw and feather returned to the agent in charge to divulge the enemies location. Returning to human form she gave lead agent Norman the co-ordinates and prepared to return to Special Unit Paranormal.

  2. Very cute!

    Eyes are wide with his back to the wind. The scene has been seen time and time again. But he will rise and like the nearby raven, perch aloft.

  3. There is something so magical about gummy grins isn't there? Lovely, lovely photo - thank you.

    My EYES RISE up. Soon he will be ALOFT, leaving me far behind. I have SEEN this before, I will see it again. I so hope that when he looks to the ground the SCENE is set for the welcome I will give him when he lands - where-ever the WIND takes him.


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