Monday, November 19, 2012

Winthrop and Florence get married

First attempt at proposal
Readers:  There is a history with Win and Flo.  If you have the time, click on the links which builds to this event in this post.

Flo was sitting on the porch steps, sobbing for all she was worth, as Win pulled up in his pick-up truck.  Slipping his arm around her, he asked her why she was crying, hesitantly, knowing that he already knew the answer.

2nd attempt at marriage proposal

Inside the house, both sides of the family were having a row.  A big, blown-out fight.  This time it was over how to fold the napkins at the reception.  Flo’s side wanted the bishop’s hat, while Win’s family wanted the fan.  The last decision over the wedding colors (decided to be salmon and avocado) had proved to be a physical decision.  Win’s Uncle Floyd decked Flo’s aunt Sister Anuncia with a brutal upper cut, and she responded with a double neck lock.  She had always been a wrestling fan.

The proposal

“Oh, Win!  I can’t stand this anymore!  What can we do?”

Well, now, Flo.  I got me an idea.  What do you think…..”

What do you think they should do?  What do you predict?  My own choice will appear tomorrow, which will be the last blog for this Thanksgiving Week…


  1. They are going to run away and elope. Let the families fight it out on their own. Or, maybe they will just run away and live in sin lol, but most definitely, I foresee running away.

  2. I will enter your vote: elopement with or without sin.

  3. Best thing to do is simply run! Go elope in Vegas and win some dough.

  4. I think they should go with the bishop hat fold. Everyone knows that it is a much more classy way of doing a table.

    1. You are always so wise. The bishop hat fold is a little easier; the fan requires a napkin with a little more starch.

  5. Dear Susan, I think they need to elope! It's their wedding and they need to be happy before and after it. Peace.


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