Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday Words: November 29

Winds swirl, spiral, rise
Scattered petals strewn along
Ancient garden paths. 

Lift up eyes to gaze
Where birds aloft dance and sing,
Seen by man below.

Scenes of Spring, Summer
Fall, Winter matter not here
When the dance begins.


  1. How lovely. I'm seeing boxwood hedges and rose gardens and broken castle walls.

    1. Haiku is always a challenge for me, so I am glad you enjoyed it. It would be so wonderful to visit Ireland to see this.

  2. A great scene you created, although snow still matters, hate that stuff haha

  3. That was a very nice picture that you painted in my mind. You are such a good writer, Susan!

  4. Why Ireland? I am not nay saying, I just think that there are other places as well. I did love this, and had such stong images in my head. Thank you.


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