Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Words

My words this week are late again.  Blame it on pumpkin pie.

Allow      horizon    song           cramp        string       feline

From Delores at thefeatherednest:

Ice      jingle             frosty            tingle    moonlight              shadows

She shivered in the frosty air of Dole’s Drugstore.  When the door opened, the bell would jingle.  In the moonlight shadows behind the lipsticks, Madeleine tingled with excitement.  Applying a layer of “Fire and Ice”, she prepared for her rendezvous. 


  1. Nice job on my words......interesting, inn't it, the different ideas we all get when we look at a collection of words.
    Now, to wrap my head around your words.

    1. It was becoming harder and harder to string coherent thoughts together. The cramps were bad and getting worse. If she were to allow herself to give in, to stop, it would mean failure. Aggie focused on the horizon, fumbled with her mp3 player and found her favourite song. So she was moving with less than the feline grace she started out with. At least she was still moving.

  2. The cramp in my leg would not allow me to string a song together of fame. Instead I shouted to the horizon words even the feline won't say at his rhyming game.


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