Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Words for Nov. 14, 2012

From my front lawn

I will not include the word “dust” in my Wednesday Words this week, although the word still haunts me. 

Do we really have to rake them up?

Words for this week are grabbed out of the air:

Fallen     Chill          Clouds  Crumble       Faded     Sunset

What occurs to you when you read these words?  What image comes to mind?
Quick!  Write it down!  I would love to see what you see!


  1. The chill had set in thanks to the fallen snow. The sunset sure did crumble to the clouds. But the stupid snow never faded.

  2. The fallen snow chills my feet as I walk and watch the clouds gather. The snow crumbles as I walk by trees with faded leaves, no longer golden in the sunset.

  3. Apple pies, mice, ripples on the beach, Paradise Lost.

  4. The CHILL of the late autumn wind cut through to the bone. The last pure white feather melted away as above her, the dark menacing CLOUDS raced across the sky. Underfoot the dry CRUMBLE of autumn leaves gave up their last breath of the fragrance of life. She gazed steadfastly at the SUNSET, that last glimpse of the reflection of heaven, as it FADED. It was true, she was a FALLEN angel.

  5. Dear Susan, here's the image I see: A little girl walks down a street on a chilly November afternoon. Overhead, tall trees arch their branches like the roof ribs of a cathedral. Beneath her feet, faded, fallen leaves crumble as she steps from the corner curb and looks up at the scudding clouds overhead. By the time she reaches her home, the setting sun's rays will make glorious the avenue of prayer. Peace.

  6. It's dusk on a gray autumn day.Leaves swirl on around crumbling ancient gravestones that have been heaved askew by centuries of hot and cold.


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