Friday, November 16, 2012

Seeing Too Much

Being an observant people watcher has become a burden of late.  Oh, I can’t help continuing to watch and forming stories around a complete stranger.  But, I am seeing and understanding too much.

It was a hectic Friday night, and Glenda scanned the room for any unmet needs.  More water at table 12…coffee refill at table 7…clean-up at table 9…As the assistant manager, Glenda knew the needs of the customers immediately, could send appropriate people to the right spot.  Her gift, she supposed.  Then a hand caressed her arm, and she turned to see the manager, Greg.  He touched her hair and spoke quietly with a smile.  Glenda jerked away, her face angry and eyes disturbed.

“Come on, kid.  This is the best deal you’ll get at this stage of your career.  I can put your act out in front, people will love you, and the money will roll in.  If you sign with me, you and your family won’t need for a thing.  Wanta see my suite? You can have it for a week! I can get on the phone, and in five minutes there’ll be five ladies here that will knock your socks off…Sign and let's get your career going…”

Javier sauntered to the hotel restaurant.  The nervous man in the booth eyed Javier head to toe as Javier smiled.  They shook hands, and Javier let his hand wander to the man’s wrist. 
He slid into the booth across from the man.  The waitress took his lengthy order and turned to the man, who shook his head while he sipped his coffee.  Soon plates of food appeared: soup, a big salad, and then a plate of shrimp with rice, followed by a slice of ice cream pie.  Javier relished every bite, savored the taste of food.  The other man perspired heavily, his face shiny with sweat. One leg jiggled impatiently.  At last, Javier was done.  He smiled as the man paid, retrieved the hotel room key.  They left together toward the elevators.

The images stay in my mind once I have seen them and attached the events that passed.  There was no speculation about the events.  I knew what was happening, what might happen next.  Damn.

The names used are made up; I have no idea what the real names are.   


  1. The writer in you has taken you over body mind and soul. Time to find an agent.

  2. Geez, you have been consumed 100%, making up great tales from just a look around those near your nook haha

  3. Hooked and now dangling! You are so mean, Susan!

  4. writing is your calling and your gift!

  5. Dear Susan, and any of these observations could be stretched, expanded, explored into a short story or a novel. I so hope you continue to work on the story of your family. And if that isn't working for you that you step back and observe the arc of those stories and determine what strand you might use to write a novel. Peace.

  6. And from your mind's eye, reveals the intriguing talent that types the words with those dancing fingers :)

    Hope you had a peaceful weekend.



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