Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday Words from Delores

Violet loved to listen to music.

Violin music scratched from Violet Ramsey’s gramophone as the elaborate sound amplifier poured notes directly at her head. Her deaf ears scarcely heard even the sweetest notes.  

 By the window where Violet sat, she stroked the calico kitten and drank hot cocoa topped with melted marshmallow.  “Oh, look, kitty!  There’s another one!”  

She watched as a man in a dark overcoat rushed by on the slippery street.  When he fell, Violet laughed and marked another hash mark on her writing tablet. “That makes 13 today!” 


  1. Violet is a nasty old broad.

  2. hahaha well I'm sure it would amuse and someone may get sued.

  3. For some reason I had assumed that Violet was a child. It works well regardless of her aga, but she is perhaps s nastier piece of work as an adult. Perhaps.


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