Monday, July 2, 2012

PhotoPrompt: Boat in the Ocean


Perhaps this is not the clearest of photos, but it is a boat in the middle of an ocean.  What do you think is happening?  The man on the boat--what is he doing there?  Who is with him?  What would you write about this photo?

This is PhotoPrompt Monday.  Sometime this week write a flash fiction, prose, poem, whatever using this photo as inspiration.  Link your post back to this site.  Mention in your comments below if you are pondering the possibilities for this photo.

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  1. Wow..lovely photo of the setting sun, the peaceful water and two people out there in a fragile boat...hmmm....

  2. They are throwing away a body, just waiting until it gets dark just in case.

  3. Susan, I love the image of you contemplating the oceanside beach. Just lovely.

  4. Hahaha, I like Pat's spin on it, in total contrast to the serene beauty of it all. Stunner, that.


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